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Sheep & Wool- 2017

Usually I sit down on the weekend and do some blog posts for the week, but this weekend I was busy on Saturday, and Sunday had a crazy headache and wanted to write when I’d actually make sense. Where was I busy on Saturday? The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Believe it or not, that hand creme was the only personal purchase I made! My family also bought lots of sheep and goat cheese.

The booths were amazing, and covered the vast world of knitting, spinning, and weaving, but I did feel several crafts were a bit absent. Crochet for example. I saw no booths really mentioning or dedicated to it, nor any booths really selling hooks. Several wood turners were there with all sorts of beautiful spindles, shuttles, and other tools, but no crochet hooks. I saw several booths for rug hooking, and only later wished I had bought some fabric to use in the future.  There were a few needle felting booths, some of them very impressive. Like this booth from Going Gnome, who had beautiful (and mind blowing) finished projects for sale, as well as needle felting kits.

Another favorite booth of mine were these beautiful applique quilts from Critter Pattern Works. They had beautiful use of color and textures were just amazing! They sell patterns for their work, and she also travels to do lectures and workshops.

Many booths were far to crowded to get pictures, and some were to crowded to even go in! Two other booths I loved, but didn’t get photos (go check their page, you won’t regret it) were Susan Levi-Goerlich, who “paints” with fiber. Simply stunning work with threads. Also Cat Tracks Studio, who is a silk painter and also a tinsel painter.

One interesting item I saw were these knitting needles.

Unfortunately, not a single package I could find was priced, and the vendor was to busy to ask. Maybe I’ll track them down somewhere else one day to try. Have any of you ever seen them, or even better tried them? I would love to hear about it.

There were quite a few vendors, over 200 is the advertised amount. There were some buildings we didn’t go in, because they were just to crowded. If I may take a moment, PLEASE people, please, when in a crowded environment please don’t just stop with your friends in the middle of the already small walkway! Every aisle seemed to have at least one group of people simply stopping traffic. It really made an already crowded place that much worse.

Honestly, I felt like the yarn vendors all seemed to have the same stuff, the same colors, the same weights. That’s one of the main reasons  I didn’t buy anything. The other reason being that I just don’t generally use expensive yarns. For various reasons I’m the opposite of a yarn snob. I do also spin, and do some weaving, but I don’t get to do it often enough to warrant any supply purchases. I have enough for the amount of work I do.

All in all the event was great. I’ll probably go again next year, and really plan to just spend a longer period of time, with relaxing breaks in between. My family spent about 2 hours there, and I do feel like we missed a few things.  My son and husband enjoyed the Sheep Dog event, and I enjoyed watching them shear a sheep and talking about it. I’d been trying to get to this event for about ten years and it was nice to finally make it!

Have you ever been to a Sheep and Wool Festival? I’d love to hear about your experiences! Did we possibly even  cross paths at this festival?


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    1. So funny! When I googled it I only got an ebay listing in another country! I’ll have to order a set and give them a try.

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