Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Showing off 5 lbs of sewing goodies and vintage crafty items!
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Sewing Goodies & Gadgets Show Off

I said that I wanted to show you my recent ebay purchase with all the sewing goodies. I kept putting it off because it would take SO many photos to show you everything, so instead I decided to make a video! I’d love to hear your thoughts (I know the video could be better) and what your favorite item from the box is!

Video showing 5 lbs worth of fun 1940s to now sewing and craft supplies. Buttons, Needle books, gadgets, and more. -- My Workbasket

Sorry I talk a bit fast, I knew there was a LOT to show and didn’t want the video to be an hour long. It’s not truly a “box opening” because I have opened it already, but all the goodies are there, nothing has been taken out.


Things I mention:

K-Tel Knitter



The Ebay seller can be found here:


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