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Highlights from the September 1967 Workbasket. I'll be making projects from this issue all month long!-- My Workbaskt
Issue Overview

September 1967

September 1967, a time for Lonely Hearts Club (the Beatles released that famous album in June) but you won’t have¬† a lonely heart if you desire an interracial marriage. Thanks to Loving vs Virginia that was declared legal this year. 475,000 men were off in Vietnam, so you could have been lonely for them though. It was a year of protests and upheaval in many ways. Exciting things were happening and not just at war or protests against them. Evil Knievel jumped 16 cars on on his motorcycle. Elvis Presley married Priscilla. The musical “Hair” was showing off-Broadway. People were watching Doctor Who, The Beverly Hillbillies, I dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched! The first person was cryonically frozen. The world’s first heart transplant was completed in South Africa, and a handy invention, the pocket calculator rounded out some amazing scientific things for the year.

The first ever issue of Rolling Stone was on new stands as was this issue for 25 cents. Which you may have been able to afford with your $1.40 an hour minimum wage. IF you didn’t need a tank full of 33 cent gas, and could afford it after the 6% tax increase (to aid in paying for the Vietnam war)

The issue I'll be working from for September-- My Workbasket

I’m going to do things a little differently this month. Instead of showing you what projects I’m planning to make (or have made already) I’m going to show you some fun ads and funky crafts that I WON’T be doing. We’ll let you be surprised with what I do. I’ll give you a hint, I’m hoping to do one crochet project, one knitting project, and one something else.

I think this sweater is just hilarious. Most kinds today wouldn’t even know what a Monkey Grinder was. While I’ve never seen one in person I’ve seen several in Shirley Temple movies.¬†A funky kids sweater from a 1967 pattern magazine-- My Workbasket

I kid you not, my husband and I had a set of these grapes after we got married. They were around for several years until my son broke half the grapes off. We couldn’t afford a mattress at the store we went to, but the salesman looked out for us. He had some of his Mom’s old furniture in his garage. We got a cheap futon, and a funky vintage couch (we still have both, and I adore that couch) and he said “I’m gonna give you this, they seem up your alley.” So we had some funky grapes. Ours were a sea green kind of color, and more shimmering then these see-through ones.

A funky grape centerpiece ad from 1967. -- My Workbasket

I’m totally in love with this sewing basket. Would totally buy it if I saw one, especially at that price! I’d even pay the full $15!

Vintage sewing basket ad from the Workbasket magazine, 1967-- My Workbasket

I would love to track down this Santa for my vintage Christmas collection. I think I even saw someone on Instagram that snagged one recently!

Santa ad from 1967-- My Workbasket

Last but not least, just observe this fruit cake. (Little known fact, I actually ADORE fruitcake. Maybe I’ll attempt a gluten free one this year.)

Vintage fundraiser fruitcake ad from 1967-- My Workbasket

If you want to be sure to see what projects I make from this issue (plus other original items as well!) be sure to follow me for updates. If you haven’t seen it already be sure to check out my Crochet Along! I’ll be posting updates every Tuesday, including a video of how to do the stitch to help you along!

I’d love to hear your stories and memories from 1967! Just drop them in the comments.


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