Sunday, January 17, 2021

Scratch That- Reverse It

Well, guys, it’s April. April 4th to be completely exact. When I opted to swap to a magazine format my first issue was due out over a month ago. There is no issue released. My second issue was planned for next month and it’s not ready. Here’s the thing guys, this website has brought me more happiness, and tears, and stress, and fun in the last two years than I every thought possible. I’ve constantly tried to grow it and change it and treat it like a business and honestly it has been stressing me out, SO MUCH. You can’t even imagine.

For one it feels really fake and inauthentic to me. I mean of course as an artist of any sort I am my own worst critic, but there have been several things I have done or attempted to do because I thought you would like it, or because I thought it was required of me as a business and as a blogger. I hate it.

Here’s the thing, and it isn’t news to any long-term reader- I am a stay at home mom, who homeschools her kid. Yet I constantly feel like homeschool, my kid, and my house have slipped and are falling part. Which makes me feel either my life in general is falling apart or I am focusing on the wrong things, or just overwhelm in general.

My general goal for this site is for it to become an income source for my family, ultimately being that when my husband retires in 8-10 years (marry young, work young, retire young) we would trade places. Me working and making money and him following some dreams and having hobbies. 8-10 years feels like forever in that sense. It is so far away.

BUT You know what makes 8-10 years fly by, I mean just really blink and you miss it, raising a kid. My son turned 12 a few weeks ago. 12!!! I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I can tell you the exact timeline, and what I was wearing, and everything. Yet here he is 12 years old, and very recently even taller than I am (and I’m almost 5’8″.)

You guys, I can’t let my son slip away into adulthood and me not cherish the fleeting time I have.

The 8-10 years to retirement will feel like ages but in that same 8-10 years my son will be grown, possibly gone, and I will feel like I blinked and missed it all.

SO- Here are my plans- I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry. I will still be here, still making stuff, still blogging about it, and even actually am getting set up to sell some awesome products. BUT the general idea of this blog as a necessary business, which needs to suck my time and my energy, and my creative fun, is gone. From now on I post when I post, I make what I make, and I enjoy it all in this fleeting time.

So we’ll still be having fun together. I’m just relieving some of the pressure of deadlines, and requirements and going back to having fun. I still have some awesome products to review for you, I’ll still be doing videos on my Youtube Channel, I’ll still be on Instagram, and Facebook. I’ll still even be here. I’m still designing and releasing free patterns, and probably with a lot more variety. It’s just gonna be a lot more chill.

Ahhhhh, now that that gorilla is off my back, I’m gonna read a cookbook. A vegan cookbook, because seriously my family needs more vegetables y’all. Plus in my stack, on my lap, under my laptop, is a book about drawing (and teaching drawing) and a cool vintage craft magazine with so many things I want to make.

3 thoughts on “Scratch That- Reverse It

  1. Do what you find fun and exciting! That’s why we’re here – your enthusiasm is catching! Most of us are the same, constantly juggling things and taken by new ideas and inspirations. I never thought I could crochet, and yet, here I am thanks to you! Find the weird retro magazine ads, the new crafts, and the old crafts with a modern twist that you enjoyed experimenting with. And do it on your schedule and inspiration. We your loyal readers will be here!

  2. Deadlines – pah!!!! I agree with Heather.

    If you’re looking for vegetable cooking, you might want to take a look at the cookbooks of Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourrette. He’s a monk who cooks for his monastery, using the things that grow in his garden, so the recipes are arranged seasonally (at least in some of the books – I haven’t seen them all).

    1. I saw a few of his books recently at the book sale I volunteer at! I didn’t get them though. Really my family needs more of a balanced diet. Where I love a casserole and will load it with veggies my husband is very much a separate foods guy. Not entirely meat and potatoes, because he loves veggies, but here’s your main, here’s your side, here’s your carb, here’s your veg, like a tv dinner. In fact, I bought some fun reusable tv dinner trays at a thrift store! We also get stuck in a food rut, where we feel like we’ve had everything recently, plus a general feeling of sick of cooking.

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