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A selection of quilts from the featured quilter at the quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket
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The Best Little Quilt Show in Maryland- Southern Comforters 2018

Hey! What a day guys. Phew! Today was set to be the first day of my son’s baseball practices, we were to be notified last night what team and time because the rainy week pushed back assessments. So at 9:05 last night we got the email, his team is the Nationals, and his practice was at 9 am this morning!! I don’t know if I have ever said this, but I do not do morning well. PLUS my son has strong thoughts about the Nationals, so he, and therefore I, was up late last night to deal with the news. It was after 11 before he got to sleep. When I set my alarm to make sure I got up and had him practice ready, my alarm said it would go off in 7 hours. That’s bad enough, BUT he was excited, so he woke me up before my alarm even went off. It was rough! We made it to practice not just on time but early, even beat the coach there, worked through his Nationals issues and had a good morning. THEN, this is the point of this post, I went to my local quilt show!!

I try to go every year but I think I make it about every other year, or once every 3 years. I was determined to go this weekend, and take tons of photos and show you a bunch of neat stuff. Plus they usually have neat vendors, and an “Out of the Attic” sale and I do love to shop. The Out of the Attic is where guild members destash a bit and sell all sorts of stuff, all generally crafty in some way. The Attic this year was HUGE! I got some good deals and great finds. (Don’t worry, photos are below)

This show is put on by The Southern Comforters in Bowie, MD. In my opinion, it’s worth the drive if you are within maybe an 1 or so. There are a LOT of great quilts displayed, a LOT. I have a ton of photos for you and this doesn’t even begin to touch it. I ended up giving up before I even compiled all the photos I took. I tried to get the best image I could of each quilt as well as the info for each one. Of course, you are not allowed to touch the quilts, so sometimes the shot is just a bit wonky. I compiled any super awesome details and the info about each quilt into a single photo. So BEHOLD! Just a drop in the bucket of all that was awesome (and scroll down if you don’t care about quilts but want to see my purchases!)

The Quilts

A selection of quilts from the featured quilter at the quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

This is a selection of quilts from the featured quilter this year. She had a very classic style and a funny story. Notice the quilted stocking? Well, 30 years ago her daughter called her, says “Mom, I forgot I signed you up for a class and it’s tonight!” So she went, it was for this stocking, and that is how she started quilting! I loved the coloring in her pieces.





Some fun quilts from the quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

Here are some more quilts with a funny story. At a quilt show, you are not allowed to touch the quilts. Just to many hands, it can make them dirty and wear them out, especially art quilts or certain fabrics. There are white-gloved people around the room to ask if you’d like to see the back of a quilt. There used to be simple paper signs, maybe laminated, saying not to touch the quilts, then a few years ago this guild did a challenge to make signs reminding people not to touch the quilts. There were FAR more than this but these were a few of my favorites. Most of these (all but the monkeys) were done by my friend Misty Cole. Who is super talented and can be found online here!  She also has an awesome pattern for a poison bottle quilt on that site, and she made the Political Circus quilt below!

A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket  Two quilts from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

These nine patches are TINYYYYYYYY you guys. Seriously. TINY. The info came out a bit blurry towards the bottom, so I don’t know if you can read it by the time I upload it here, but each block came out FINISHED at 1.5″A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

I just want to point out this quilt looks like gingham, but it is not. Oh no, it is meticulously pieced squares. The one set of squares is VERY carefully cut and sewn on the diagonal. You could probably stare at this quilt for hours and not find a single block even slightly askew. A Quilt from a recent quilt show I attended-- My Workbasket

So there are just a FEW of my favorites. I took SO many pictures. Maybe I will compile up a few more and share them tomorrow.

My Buys

I bought a stash of stuff at the Out of the Attic, mostly vintage, and only a single item quilt related. The quilt book is pretty neat, so I included two photos of some inside pages too. The basket is adorable, sturdy, has owls which I love, AND is labeled as being “Decoupaged by Helen Buchanon Monson Fall 1970.” It also has a mirror inside and a burlap lining.

The items I bought out of the stash section of the quilt show I went to recently. -- My Workbasket

Before I show my next purchase, I want to admit- I am VERY cheap. I  will talk myself out of buying almost anything if it isn’t on sale or some amazing deal, and because of that I almost never by crafty items made by someone else. Interesting fact, I blow a LOT of money on items that are on sale or I consider a good deal. I actually really hate that about myself (both of those facts.) I want to support artisans and buy handmade, but it is very hard when I also have a very clear idea of how something is usually made and what it actually cost to make, AND usually, the skill to do it. I am putting a serious effort into remedying this. SO, RIGHT after I got to the show, seriously, less than a 15 minutes in the door, I saw this vendor and immediately decided I HAD to get one. I am very proud of this. This is what I bought!

A demo box, and my peacock box, both sewing boxes from Treasured Boxes-- My Workbasket

The top photo is a demo she had on display and I wanted one. I really wanted one. She was taking a break and was away from the table so I spent some time opening the boxes I liked the outside off and seeing if I liked the inside. When she came back I noticed that in a stack, partially hidden from view, was a peacock print. I asked about them and she brought out three different peacock prints from the stack. Two were very classic and then there was this one. I kind of debated but totally love my choice and can’t believe I even needed to put thought into it. It’s peacock print, BUT it is also a unique play on the classic peacock and has tiny daisies hidden too. The boxes come loaded with the basic supplies you see loaded in. She did have a few other styles of boxes too. The handy drawstring makes it very handy to close up, and the whole thing is just lovely. The company is called Treasured Boxes, and you can visit them online! UPDATED: Their website is still being built. If you are interested in a box email me and I’ll put you in touch with the maker.


I’d love to hear what you think of the sewing box! Which quilt is your favorite? DO you tend to like traditional? Or modern?

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