Monday, January 18, 2021
My finished doll from the Pookie Pattern! We've named him Junior.
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Say Hello to my Little Friend- My New Crocheted Doll

Back at Christmas, I won a wonderful giveaway from Pookie and Pals! I got to pick 10 free patterns from their collection. It really made my day because my husband actually had to work on Christmas, so while everyone was unwrapping and celebrating our celebration was over and my husband was at work.

Pookie and Pals is on Ravelry here, and has ADORABLE doll patterns and lots of clothes for them! The original Pookie doll pattern is free, and she also gives away a weekly pattern on her facebook page!  So be sure to follow her if you like her designs.

My son declared that my doll is surely a boy before it even had arms.  I opted to add the belly button just from previous experience with doll making. He also has a little tush.

My Pookie doll in progress.

Finished him up in a matter of days, working at a relaxed pace. I’m not super sure about his hair yet. Right now he has the basic hair cap pattern and just squished on his head, not sewn down or anything. I may make him different hair, or even multiple hairs and change them out. The skin tone tends to look better in certain light than others. Now I just need to make him some clothes, and I guess make a girl so that I can make dresses!

My finished doll from the Pookie Pattern! We've named him Junior.

What have you made lately?!?!?! Show it off! If you contact me by email and send me a picture I’ll even feature your project here on the site!

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