A close-up of the kind dolls face- My Workbasket

Savage Mill- Part 2- Antiques !

I told you yesterday all the details about the Yarn Party, but today let me tell you about the other fun I had at Savage Mill!! Besides the Great Room where the Yarn Party was, Savage Mill has multiple other fun stores. They are almost all a more artsy style. One gift store was a bit odd. There were modern collectibles, similar to a Hallmark or a gift shop, but there was also vintage items, antiques, and also a massive amount of clutter and boxes. I thought maybe they just opened, but that was not the case. I don’t know what the story was there, BUT there was a doll room (and other dolls spread around all over, it really was an odd store) and I LOVE dolls. It really ran the gambit too. 1980s Barbies, in and out of their boxes, composition dolls, Campbell’s kids, everything from a few bucks to 3 figures. The had a beautiful googly eye and a lovely large Patsy Ann. I was SO tempted to get this one very large Kewpie. I mean very large. I think it was 23-24″! I saw this lady and just HAD to get her. Seemingly one of a kind, just the kindest face, and several layers of beautiful clothes that appear to be handmade.

An old doll with a kind face and lovely handmade clothes. -- My WorkbasketA close-up of the kind dolls face- My WorkbasketOld Dolls Underlayers-- My WorkbasketShe is wearing a shirt, apron, skirt, slip, panties/pantaloons, AND knit socks! She’s a bit fragile, so I didn’t muss her up too much. You can see fabric under her knit stockings, so she does have normal legs with stockings on top, but I can’t tell if the stockings are also sewn on or not.

Old Dolls Legs- With knit stockings, handmade shoes, and pantaloons-- My Workbasket

So that is the other item I actually bought at Savage Mill. The lower level also has a very large antique store, and here are some neat things I saw there!

Old desk at an antique store-- My WorkbasketThis desk was listed as a “Clock Makers Desk- Also good for crafters.” Which of course was my first thought. That would be a beautiful desk for holding all your wibbly bits and working at! Almost 4 figures though, so not in my budget.







One booth featured a lot of vintage crochet, lace, knitting, and craft tools. The light made for wonderful displays, but some of it I worried about it being in the sun so! Look at that beautiful piece of lace with the lady on it. I should have gotten a close-up.

Antique Store Display-- My Workbasket

Antique Store Display-- My Workbasket

Antique Store Display-- My Workbasket

Other neat finds and displays:

Antique Store Display-- My Workbasket

Antique Store Display-- My Workbasket

Very neat “Victorian Sewing Table” had it be more spontaneously affordable (meaning cheap enough to buy without budgeting for) it would have come home with me.

I thought I had more pictures of fun finds, but this is all I’m finding, so that’s all folks! I’d love to hear which piece is your favorite!! My son wants to go now (he skipped it because he wasn’t interested in the yarn party) so I’ll take more photos when I go back. There was some really neat stuff but some of the booths were TINY. Sometimes I had to hold my shopping bags in front of me, my purse behind me, step in, and then back out!


8 thoughts on “Savage Mill- Part 2- Antiques !

  1. Oh, DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love old sewing things (I keep buying old sewing boxes and digging through them to find interesting treasures and beautiful old graphics – which is why I have a lot more sewing stuff than I need!) But I have to say that the doll is my favorite.

    1. You really must be my sister from another mister. lol If there is a sewing basket at a price I can afford, and especially with stuff in it, I WILL buy it. I also buy boxes and lots of sewing stuff. It’s a strange life I lead… Isn’t the doll just the sweetest thing. You don’t often see a doll that looks like such a motherly lady (aka carrying some extra fluff lol) and especially to seem handmade, and well loved. I knew if I didn’t get her I’d regret it.

      1. Right now I’m sorting out some of my extra sewing things for an antiques-and-collectibles flea market next month. I can barely stand to let anything go! I’ve got some of those plastic sewing boxes with the tray and the handle, and I’m refilling them with random stuff so I can sell them to someone else who wants the fun of going through them.

        By the way, I know you are still missing some Workbasket magazines. I have some that I’m planning to take to the flea market. If there are any you need, let me know. I won’t be specific because they’re tied in bundles, but I have 7 from 1967, 1 from 1969, 9 from 1970, 11 from 1971, 4 from 1973, 8 from 1976. If there are any from those years that you need, I can pull them from the bundles. I also have 10 Pack-o-Fun magazines from 1973 and 1974 (what a neat magazine that is).

        One of the things I’m going to be selling is old transfer patterns, for linens, dishtowels, etc.. Some of them seem to have been pulled from the centers of what I assume was Workbasket, but some came in envelopes from Workbasket – a whole bunch of them in each envelope. And others are from different companies. Honestly, the beautiful things that people used to make! I’m figuring I’ll try to sell them at $1 for the larger sheets and 50 cents for the little Workbasket ones. Who knows, somebody may be inspired.

        A couple of years ago I bought a set of days-of-the-week dishtowels that were made in China, and they’re just nothing like as nice as the old handmade ones that I have. We really need to start teaching children needlecraft when they’re young. Just look at those antique samplers sewn by 8 and 9 year olds! A few years ago one of the kindergarten teachers came down to borrow my emergency sewing kit because her students did not know what a needle and thread were. Isn’t that sad? (Or have I already told you that?)

        1. Oh Boyyyyyyy! A flea market just for antiques and collectibles? I’m glad you’re not local! I would no doubt go broke and fill my house, although I should really be selling at one instead of buying!
          I can’t remember if you told me the needle story or not, but I believe it! I’ll check my collection for which years I need. Will let you know!

          1. I found a few more bundles of Workbasket.

            2 from 1963
            3 from 1964
            3 from 1965
            10 from 1966
            10 from 1974
            9 from 1975

  2. I just thought of something: We should open a chain of craft clubs called Workbasket. People could come in, choose a project from mold craft magazines, and buy just the amount of stuff they need to make it, use the equipment that’s in the shop, then sit around drinking tea, eating finger sandwiches and cookies, and working on projects while chatting.

    (I know big stores like JoAnn’s have classes, but it looks to me as if you have to buy a whole bunch of stuff to start with. My way, people would pay a membership fee and for any supplies they use up but get to use the tools for free. Probably wouldn’t make much money, if any, but think what nice friends one would make; and what craft addicts one might create.

      1. We have “Maker Spaces” here that work like that. Not the old magazines part, but the rest of it. One day when I open my store I totally plan to have a studio/hangout area!

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