Salt and Starch Clay Ornaments- Fun Clay Ornaments for Kids

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4 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    I love these little ornaments and you’ll love Argo Starch. I am the third generation to always have a box of it in the cupboard and it’s the only starch I use on my doilies. I have snowflakes that were starched over 10 years ago and they are still stiff.

    The ornaments that you made a adorable and I am going to have to try this. The recipe is a keeper. <3

    • AliciaS says:

      Good to know Pam! I know that starching used to be a much more common activity, and have heard of liquid starch but the powder was new to me. It’s certainly affordable!!

      I intend to always keep the starch just because I love this recipe so much. A gross improvement from the standard salt dough and the same amount of work!

      I saw your link to an article about Whooping Cranes. We live near (20-30 minutes) from a nature preserve that does a lot of work with them!

  2. Heather says:

    I wonder if the liquid starch would work if you left out the liquid from the recipe. I say that because I have a jug of liquid starch from some science experiment or slime recipe or something. Very cute! I’ll have to try them! A great alternative to the salt dough and play dough, especially if you need to be gluten-fre!

    • AliciaS says:

      The box also has a clay recipe that I intend to try. These ornaments start to get stiff pretty quickly, but the finished result is so smooth and nice compared to salt dough. I did wonder about liquid starch, but I didn’t have any of that and if I had to buy something I might as well buy what it called for. I keep meaning to pick up a jug of liquid, so many things seem to call for a tablespoon of it.

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