Read it and Leaf

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I started another one of the December 1948 projects, the crocheted flowers! 

So far I have one leaf, with some errors in it.

I have to make a new leaf with a thinner wire, and then if it’s good make three more. Four leaves total for the geranium. Instead of the various wires and threads used in the instructions I’m trying to find one thread type and one wire type to use. I tried a 22 gauge and it’s just to thick. So I’m experimenting with some different wires and threads and will hopefully come up with an updated supply list for you. 

The construction of the leaf was really neat, using a technique similar to knit short rows, and was really fun to see come together. 

I also have the men’s knit scarf on the needles as a super secret project for my son. I’m trying to only work on it when he plays outside. It’s a bit slow going with it getting dark so early, but I’ll post pictures of that soon. 

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