Pulled Pork Dip

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This isn’t from a magazine issue, it’s just something I make that my family loves and asks for. I homeschool my son, so we regularly are cooking and eating (or packing) our own food three times a day. I will admit that quite often if lunch time rolls around and I don’t have a plan I will make a big dish of some kind of dip, and we eat it for lunch. It especially works well because we can munch and work and munch and work, and munch and work, and then it’s gone. Usually my dip recipe consists of throwing together 3-5+ items that we have and just rolling with it. It isn’t much of a recipe.

One of my favorite dips is this pulled pork dip. Our house is gluten free because I have celiac disease. The biggest downside to gluten free is that good buns are expensive! Usually more than $1 a per bun when you do a price break down. I LOVE pulled pork though. When we make pulled pork we eat it on buns usually the first night, and then any leftovers get used creatively, or just plopped onto a plate (I tend to eat a coffee cup full! lol) Usually at least one dish of this dip will be made.

While on a pulled pork sandwich big meaty bites are good for this dip you really want small shredded pieces. Sometimes I just shred up a bowl full, but if the meat is to tough to shred I put it into a tiny crock pot and simmer it until lunch, a pot on the stove would work too.

The dip itself is SO easy, and it works with any variety of pulled pork. BBQ, honey mustard, southern style, all of them. Whatever you have leftovers of, or if you’re desperate, bought in a tub at the store.

Pick a nice dish, I love a shallow square or rectangle. And spread a block of cream cheese on the bottom.

Spread a layer of pulled pork on top. Pour the juicy sauce and all.

Top that with grated cheese. I usually use a sharp cheddar, but seriously whatever you have in the fridge will probably work.

IF I’m using a barbecue pulled pork I will usually just lightly drizzle some more sauce over the top. Adds a nice color and flavor layer. Completely optional though. If I’m using a nice juicy pulled pork I usually just let the juice from the meat be enough.

Heat! Throw it in the oven or microwave it, until it’s bubbly and warm.

Eat it! Tortilla chips, celery sticks, it’s all good.

I usually use a 6×9 or so Pyrex, and it’s usually gone the same day. Sometimes my husband gets lucky and there is still come left when he comes home from work.

So there you have it, one super easy, and oh so tasty, dip recipe that I love. My son requests it, and will rush in to try and get the first bite. Notice the blur of his hand sneaking in on the photo above? I’d love to hear if your family loves it too!


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