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Plastic Canvas- They’re Finished!

I’ve mentioned a few crafts I was working on, and finally they’re all assembled. I had a stack of plastic canvas crafts and a crochet snowman just sitting and waiting to be put together. Here’s the plastic canvas pieces, a stack of Jack-o-Lantern magnets and a Welcome sign:

Both of these patterns came from the same place, Annies Archive. I joined this site a month or so ago and still really like it. It’s a subscription service for just $2 a month and you get access to thousands of retired Annies patterns. I admit some of them are quite dated, but there is still MORE than enough to be worth $2 a month. I really like it and enjoy browsing it for some ideas. 

The pumpkins are from a pattern called Scary Jacks. They are supposed to be formed into a wreath, but I just made a few and glued magnets to the back. They are 3-d and quite cute! Gluing the magnets was a bit tricky. I didn’t pay enough attention to how I glued the leaves on and on some magnets it pushed the magnet downward until it barely touched the fridge. 2-3 of these guys actually have two tiny magnets glued together to help them reach the actual fridge.

The bird is from the pattern Bluebird Welcome. I actually already sent it to a new home. The blue yarn I used is very similar to a friends house trim and I thought it would look great in her sunroom. 

Stay tuned and I’ll reveal the snowman tomorrow!

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