Perfect Summer Popsicles

Photo recipe for 8 perfect summer popsicles, including these watermelon beauties!

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Recently I got this YUMMY looking infographic for perfect summer popsicles from I’ll be honest, whether I make popsicles or buy them depends very much on the day. I do both and feel no qualms either way.


Sometimes it’s fun to make some popsicles, but sometimes making your own is just too much. Sometimes it’s just too hot and they disappear faster than you can make them and it’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s fun to be in the kitchen and then enjoy your work later. If it’s a make your own kind of day I’ll be trying some of these recipes. Although mine probably won’t look as fancy as this! I’m pretty likely to just glop mine in a mold and not care about these beautiful layers.  We LOVE frozen watermelon so that one is probably my favorite. I gotta say, the mango is looking pretty good too. I’ve made the pudding kind lots of times, though I never add additional sugar.

In exchange for posting this, I got new glasses. I’m pretty excited to try them out. I do wear prescription glasses but they are extremely mild. (As in decimal points) I wear glasses because I get headaches, especially on screens like my computer or watching tv, and also from crocheting and such so much. I found these amazing “multi-focal computer glasses” and I’m hoping they may be an alternative for my prescription. I had no idea such a thing existed. They are stronger at the bottom for reading, weaker in the center for screens, and weaker still at the top for distance. We shall see. I haven’t been feeling great this week and just recovered from a migraine, so I want to make sure my eyes and head are good before trying anything new. If you have a need for traditional reading glasses then they had some amazing varieties!

I’d love to know if you ever make your own popsicles and what you think of these recipes!

Easy photo recipe for watermelon popsicles, and seven other kinds too! Mango Popsicles and seven other kinds too!

Ideas for perfect Summer Popsicles

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