It’s Okay to be Type-B! Perfection isn’t real and messy is okay

While the world constantly pushes for perfection I want people to know they are not alone! It's okay to be a mess! It's okay to be Type-B.

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If you read my post yesterday maybe it resonated with you, but maybe not because you need to relax, maybe you’re like me and are probably TOO relaxed. Maybe you were saying “Alicia, I’m TOO Relaxed- Just Like You!” Well, that is the other part of what I try to do here!

It's okay to be Type-B! While the world constantly pushes for perfection I want people to know they are not alone! It's okay to be a mess! It's okay to be Type-B.

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Here’s what I’m hoping people get from my website:

Type A People- Learn to relax a bit and follow some of my fun and easy tips for crafts and family fun. See that I do these things and we survive! We even thrive! The mess is worth it!

Other Type B People- Let’s work together to have fun AND get something done! I try to encourage everything in moderation, and admit I need a lot more time spent cleaning because I have moderated it a bit TO much. I hope to encourage you to put down the craft project or the book and get something done, and then come back to being crafty. We can manage this together!

Maybe the Type A people do the chores first and then enjoy my craft tips, but us Type B people, we’ll probably enjoy the crafts first and need some encouragement to put the craft away and maybe mop the floor.

You guys, (my regions way of saying ya’ll, I know at least most of you are not really guys) the world is pushing so hard for perfection. Your house should look like it came out of a magazine. Your crafts should be Pinterest perfect. Your dinners should be all Instagram worthy. That’s what the world is pushing on us, but frankly, I want it to stop! If you happen to naturally live that life, great, you honestly probably deserve a trophy, but for most people, that’s not realistic, and so many people are driving themselves crazy trying to reach that worldly ideal.

You guys, I promise you your child will survive not using massive amounts of Purell. How do I know? My kid once licked the floor at Costco.

I promise you that YOU will survive if maybe you empty the dishwasher when you wake up tomorrow instead of tonight while you are exhausted. It will be okay, and you deserve to rest!

The world is harsh for us messy Type-Bs, and I want you to know that you are NOT alone. You shouldn’t feel a constant shame and struggle because you’d rather knit or read than spend hours scrubbing your house.

You guys, it’s OKAY to be a Type-B! It’s okay if your house doesn’t look like a magazine. It’s OKAY if last night you were the only one home and you stood over the sink to eat a sandwich for dinner. Life isn’t perfect, and you are not alone.

I’m here to be real, real about my mess, real about my life, and real about finding some balance. Progress, not perfection. Perfection isn’t real, and I’m too real for it. So I hope that whether you are Type-A or Type B I can help you find a balance instead of driving yourself crazy seeking a fake perfection.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! You are one of my soul sisters. I am a Messy. Yes, I will do all my craft, art, DIY projects until I realize the kids and I are completely out of clean cloths. Then I wake up from my happy fog and look around and actually see the dishes on the counter and the floors need cleaning. LOL Oh, how I love this article!

    1. Author

      I’m not gonna lie, I have noticed the dishes and floors and kept crafting anyway! LOL

  2. Love this! I feel like too many of us are worried about being perfect. It’s a problem I have. Thank you for this!

    1. Author

      It’s pushed so heavily on us EVERYWHERE these days, TV, social media, magazines, it’s easy to lose track of real in general, especially your own real compared to everyone else.

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