October/November ’92 Wrap-Up

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Well, I’ve done it, I’ve finished the first issue! There were a few more things I could have done, and I do hope to do them for future issues, but sadly that issue left me a bit underwhelmed. I was stuck in a tight spot because to push it farther would leave the blog a bit empty, but I also didn’t want to skip anything. Ultimately I discussed it with a few people and decided to start a new issue for the month of November. I’m really in love with the new issue, and can’t wait to get started! (In fact, I’ve already started something!)

Before I feature the new issue, let me give you a wrap up of the old issue.

I used the October/November 1992 issue, and completed the following projects:

  • I made these place mats
  • I made this potholder (and intend to make more!)
  • I started working on this kid’s sweater! It’s still on the needles and I will continue to post updates.
  • I also drank this coffee!
  • I made Spaghetti Frittata.
  • I made a Christmas Ornament the day before Halloween.
  • I also worked on some tatting, but didn’t tell you about it. My shuttle ran out of thread and the project slowly got pushed to the depths of my workbasket. Maybe It’ll show up on the blog in the future!
  • And I had a lot of fun! I really struggle on a personal level with productivity. I tend to be a bit sloth like, and being productive really helps me mosey along at a happier rate.

And now, after this final ad highlight from this issue, I move on. The next issue has had a sneak peek, and will have a full intro tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog and following your adventures in this issue. Looking forward to what you cover next!

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