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Crochet Hot Mat made from a 1964 pattern- My Workbasket
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November 1964 Hot Mat Project

You guys, what happened to November?!?!?!?!!? Seriously.

I know it’s December (omg!) but I DID do a project from the November issue and never got a chance to show you. I actually made this a few months ago, which makes it that much worse that I’m showing it to you late.

The November issue featured this Hot Mat set that I thought was just SO fun, funky, and adorable, and I got straight to making them.

Fun funky hot mat from November 1964

Well, I got straight to trying to make them. Slight problem though, I could NOT get it to work. So I sent the pattern to my mom and asked if she could figure it out. We slowly got it to work, BUT I feel like the finished result does not match the photo. Notice how the photo has bumps that stand up, that look like adorable little half circle petals, and how mine has spikey pieces that attempt to lay flat. My outside petals don’t look quite right either. My mom is a fairly experienced crocheter, and hers had a very similar look. I think the directions given may just not make the exact item shown in the photo.

Hot Mat made from a vintage pattern- My Workbasket Crochet Hot Mat made from a 1964 pattern- My Workbasket

The whole project also came out much smaller than expected.She said she couldn’t picture using it for anything, too small.  We made the small-sized mat, and it is only big enough to hold maybe a coffee cup. Like the round base of a traditionally styled cup would probably fill the center circle.

I even kept the colors authentic on this one. It calls for red and yellow yarn, and I was so curious to see how that would look together!

Edited on December 14, to add this photo. I found the picture my Mom sent of hers! Much better than mine, but still nothing like the original!

Hot Pad from a 1960s pattern

I was originally hoping to make quite a set, but instead, it was a one and done.  I wouldn’t call it a fail, but definitely a flop!

4 thoughts on “November 1964 Hot Mat Project

    1. I did use cotton, I think the original was rug yarn. I suspect that the original instructions were lost or damaged and someone reverse engineered the pattern they printed. It’s close but just not quite there. The pattern makes more spikey petals where the original in the photo is much rounder in several places.

  1. Hmmm, this is interesting and now I’ll have to see if I have that particular issue when I go to my mom’s this weekend. If I don’t have it, I’m sure there is a copy on Ebay. I love a challenge!

    1. To be fair my Mom got the pattern to work quicker than I did. I was working on another project at the time and muscle memory kept trying to make me do the wrong thing. It was tricky though. Not as well written as it could have been.

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