November 1964 Hot Mat Project

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4 Responses

  1. Leslie says:

    Is your yarn cotton? Is theirs? Maybe they pressed and starched the mats for the pictures…

    • AliciaS says:

      I did use cotton, I think the original was rug yarn. I suspect that the original instructions were lost or damaged and someone reverse engineered the pattern they printed. It’s close but just not quite there. The pattern makes more spikey petals where the original in the photo is much rounder in several places.

  2. Pam says:

    Hmmm, this is interesting and now I’ll have to see if I have that particular issue when I go to my mom’s this weekend. If I don’t have it, I’m sure there is a copy on Ebay. I love a challenge!

    • AliciaS says:

      To be fair my Mom got the pattern to work quicker than I did. I was working on another project at the time and muscle memory kept trying to make me do the wrong thing. It was tricky though. Not as well written as it could have been.

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