Vintage Needlepoint in Progress - from a Kit
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NOvember Challenge

November completely disappeared around me. It was here and now it’s almost gone. Like the autumn version of a hummingbird. I went to my parents house early in the month for their big annual camp out. Nothing much to report there, except I got a box full of new to me old magazines (you’ll see those popping up here sometime) and one needlepoint (shown below) but it did really effect my month in general. I was getting ready to go, then came home just in time to shop for Thanksgiving, and then cook for Thanksgiving, and then here we are, month almost over. 

Besides the old magazines and some random craft stuff I did get this beautiful completed needlepoint, “rescued” it from the thrift store for just $1!

Beautiful needlepoint "rescued" from a thrift store

The NOvember Challenge

Earlier in the month I had decided to do a NOvember challenge. NO new projects. None. Originally my intention was NO new projects from November 1st to the New Year. It is working, and I could probably almost pull it off. I have only done one teeny, tiny, test project to see if an idea worked so that I can brainstorm it for awhile. I don’t have any specific goals to make things for Christmas, though I do want to do more projects from the Annie Christmas Special (I talked about that here, on Meet Sammy- the Snowman.) Now my husband is asking for a new winter hat. He says he lost his. Never mind the bucket full I have made just because. I can’t decide if I will make him suffer until January or if I will break my challenge. 

The Projects I’ve Been Doing

I’ve got SO many (SO SO SO many) UFOs (unfinished objects) around here that I could probably go a year without starting something new. That’s where the challenge came from. My craft cart is SO full of unfinished projects it has no room for anything new, so I need to finish some stuff and make room. I was hoping this challenge would help me plow through some things. In reality I’ve mostly been working on two single projects. 

One project is still under wraps. It’s an afghan that when finished will be a free pattern here on the site. It’s taking me WAY longer than expected to finish it, and it turns out it’s pretty big, way bigger than I envisioned but a really nice size for a good afghan.  So you’ll see that in the new year!

The other project is this needlepoint from a vintage kit. I’m loving it  but the kit is so poorly printed. The ink really just doesn’t line up on stitches sometimes so it will follow a line and then get really caterwampus all the sudden. It’s coming together though. Probably finished before you know it. It actually has far more done already than this picture even shows. The green row with the pink centers is done, the letters through T are done. 

Vintage Needlepoint in Progress - from a Kit

What Now?

Well, I’ll need to decide if my husbands head must suffer or if I will complete my challenge. It seems bad to break a challenge about finishing things doesn’t it? I also am thinking a Zenbroidery Challenge next year. Anyone interested?? Just kind of a show and tell really. I also am really enjoying the needlepoint, and in the new year want to try hand painting my own canvas to do. Tell me, what are YOU working on? Crafty or not I’d love to hear! 

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