National Chocolate Cake Day

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I woke up this morning and during my caffeination time Facebook scrolling I saw that it is National Chocolate Cake Day! How handy! For one, we always have fun dinner with a special dessert on Friday. For two, the January 1967 issue I’m currently doing had a big section on cakes! So I started around 10:30 or 11 this morning making a cake, and finally at 7:30 got to actually eat some of it.

Some people are kitchenaid fans, but I’m a Bosch girl. My Bosch made quick work of the cake batter, but left me wondering, Why is it called Red Regal Chocolate Cake?? If the batter was any example though, the cake would taste good!

Now, I had to substitute the recipe a bit. I have Celiac disease and have to follow a gluten free diet. I was a little alarmed at the cake flour it called for. So I was taking a risk. I used 1 cup of my personal blend of all purpose flour, 1 and 1/4 cup of corn starch, and 1 teaspoon of xanthun gum. Shifted together and then measured out to the 2 1/4 cup total the recipe needed.

So far so good! I thought they were 8 inch pans and was prepped to need to fill some muffin cups or something with the leftover batter, BUT the chocolate cake gods were smiling on me, either they are 9 inch pans or something went perfectly wrong in my recipe. It filled two pans just right!

A slightly rounded top, but not even worth trimming.

I tend to feel that homemade cake should look a certain way. I don’t pull out all the stops unless it’s a burthday, and even then I still keep it homestyle. I made a chocolate sourcream frosting.

Here’s my recipe, in a method I call Troll Cooking (From The Troll Cookbook, essentially there is no measurements and it makes how much it makes)

Butter- generous

Spash of milk

Glub of sour cream

Lots of confectioners sugar until it’s icing

Funny side story, my som distracted me and instead of the small splash of milk I must have used a generous glug, because it made a TON. I threw in an entire bag of sugar and it laughed at me. I had to have my husband bring home more sugar so I could finish. I spooned a ton of the chocolate soup out, and was able to fix the frosting without making enough for 500 cakes. I tossed some chocolate soup down the sink, and saved some for possible doughtnuts frosting.

And that’s why it’s Red Regal! Somehow, for reasons I cannot explain, it comes out red colored! Red tinted. Not red red, but there is a definite tint. It got thumbs up all the way around! It was rich and moist but not TO rich. Tasted great with some coffee! My husband surprised me with a Ninja when he came home from work!!!

Homemade cappuccino and a big slice of cake! What a way to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day! And I got this post up before the holiday is over, though probably to late for you to make this recipe for your celebration. But, everyday should be chocolate cake day, so just make it tomorrow!

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  1. Looks great! And yes, that’s a 9-inch cake pan. The 8-inch ones look tiny. Gluten free baking from older recipes is a bit of a trick, isn’t it? I’m always excited when one of my gluten free “creations” comes out okay, too 🙂

    1. Author

      These do look pretty tiny in person! They came with the original bakeware set I got when I got married over 13 years ago! Usually I’m a sheet cake girl, because they’re easy. Lol That’s the main reason these guys look so good and I don’t remember what size they are. I would have gotten my ruler and measured it, BUT a week or so ago we did measurement for school (we homeschool) and there isn’t a single ruler where it belongs since!

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