Narrow Tatted Trim

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I’ve known how to tat for several years now, but I confess that while I enjoy it I’m not very good at it. Usually I just do a simple trim and then when I make an unfixable  mistake I know the trim has reached the length it was meant to be. I do love to have a simple trim on the shuttle than I can even shove in my pocket or in my bag and just work on if I have idle hands. You couldn’t exactly carry this trim in your pocket, be ause it also has a ball of thread, but the narrow trim in the November 1962 issue is pretty simple and fun. 

First I grabbed a random thread in my workbasket and did just a few inches. 

Then the pattern reminded me of trees and ornaments, or garland and holly, or bushes with berries, and I switched to a more festive colorway. 

It reminds me of ribbon with ornaments hanging off, or if I had reversed the colors it would remind me of green garland with holly berries hanging off. 

A cute simple trim! It’ll be my pocket project (or in a ziploc in my purse project) until a mistake happens. 

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  1. Nice blog post! You know, you can pick out mistakes in tatting. Use the pick or hook on your shuttle to loosen one knot at a time and unwork it. Or if you’ve already almost closed a ring, stick your shuttle into the ring and force it back open a tiny bit at a time until you can grab it with your fingers and pull. If the ring is completely closed, cut it open at the bottom, tie a knot, and keep going 🙂

    1. Author

      I do generally try to pick out a mistake, or if it’s not very noticeable I just keep going and ignore it, but I rarely manage to finish a good sized project without some mistake that I just can’t seem to fix. I’ve also had thread break while trying to fix it. I’m sure I’ll get better with time and practice too, that why I try to do a tatting project out of each issue. One day I’ll take on one of the big ones, like a table cloth or something!

  2. Beautiful! and I love the 2 color. I never learned to tat, but that makes me want to learn.

    1. Author

      I started with needle tatting which was much easier, then I learned the traditional shuttle style and having the experience with needle tatting really helped me understand what needed to happen. It is surprisingly easy and surprisingly hard at the same time.

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