My Five Minute Chore Solution

Tired of detailed systems and chore lists that live out of site? Me too! Here is my 5 minute solution to create a chore list and keep it where it gets used! From My Workbasket

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I’ve always been honest about the fact that my house is messy. It just is. I do believe that one day we can conquer it, but obviously, that takes work. There are three of us in the house and I do believe in giving kids chores. The thing with chores is keeping track of what needs to be done, even for myself. I’ve tried a¬†variety of chore systems and charts, The SHE system worked best, for a while. The problem is that most chore systems take forever to set up, and then live inside a box or a binder or somewhere. So I’d put a ton of work into creating a system and then it would just live out of sight, out of mind. So I try to do a simple chore system for my family. I admit I often forget and sometimes we go ages between having a chart. Just being real with you about that. When I do a chart I follow this simple system that takes just minutes to set up and then lives on the fridge.

It’s so easy!

Take a sheet of paper. Printer paper, construction paper, the back of some junk mail, whatever you have.

Fold it into the same number of sections as you have family members. (Large family? Might want to pieces) My family has 3, so I fold it in thirds.

Label the top of each section with a name/letter (I use M/D/B for Mom, Dad, and Ben)

Then assign chores. I aim for 5 a piece. That means one a day plus time on weekends for makeup. As you do each section just look around at what needs to be done, and who can do it appropriately with their age. If you have littles assign them jobs that go along with yours. For example, they can dust a room while you can gather laundry.

Hang it on the fridge or other super obvious place!


Here’s Mine right now:

Easy five minute solution to assign chores and keeping the list where you can use it! From My Workbasket

Notice it doesn’t include laundry, cleaning bedrooms, etc. That is stuff we do every day (or try to anyway) but I keep my lists to extra chores outside of the normal stuff.

Easy Peasy isn’t it?!? It works no matter if you’re assigning for one person for 10. Takes minutes to set up, and creates a system you know you can follow and work into your day! If you know you have a busy week assign smaller chores. If you have a boring week assign bigger tasks.¬† I’d love to know if you try it!

Tired of detailed systems and chore lists that live out of site? Me too! Here is my 5 minute solution to create a chore list and keep it where it gets used! From My Workbasket



  1. This is very easy to set up! I think we’ll try some variation of it too. We’ve been using a checkbox tracker for school that seems to help, but we’re struggling to remember certain chores!

    1. Author

      I like that I can literally make it up as I go. If I’m sitting there making the list I just look around at what needs to be done and assign it. Cobwebs at the ceiling, that chore goes to Ben. I also make a few notes during the week in my planner and then assign them the following week. Things like pruning a bush, or clean the straws. Most of it I just look around and then assign what I see.

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