Saturday, January 18, 2020
Stylized Portrait of Blu- by Alicia from My Workbasket
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More Gouache Painting!

I did some painting last week and wanted to take a minute to share it.

Art is tricky for me. The style I can actually create doesn’t line up with what I wish I could create. Painting is a perfect example. I love the Dutch Masters. How do they make silk actually LOOK like silk??? It’s astounding. However, I paint like they probably did when in preschool (only preschool didn’t actually exist then, but you get me.) I have a much more cartoon, fun, funky style, and I’ve been working hard at being okay with I am capable of and maybe even pretty good at.

I posted awhile ago about my box of art supplies and finally pulled the gouache out for the second time for these paintings. I am really loving that gouache!

First I did these two (notice a resemblance to my papercraft? I guess you can tell where my brain is lately.)

Small Floral Vase by Alicia from My Workbasket

Large Floral by Alicia from My Workbasket

Then I took a break and relaxed a bit. I decided to head over to Creative Bug, I’ve talked about them before,¬† and watch some videos. I stumbled upon the Learn how to paint with Gouache with August Wren. (Affiliate Link, I will make a small amount of money if you follow this link and join Creative Bug.) After that, I got back to painting to try what I had seen and painted my first ever portrait. It’s a fun stylized photo of my son from a recent event where he had to wear a suit. He cleans up NICE. He loves this picture and even wants to frame it. I’m pretty happy with it too!

Stylized Portrait of Blu- by Alicia from My Workbasket

I’d to hear what you’ve been up to lately! Do you ever paint??? Tell me about it in the comments below or contact me!


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