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Finished Sammy the Snowman- Crochet pattern from Annies 2018 Christmas special-- My Workbasket
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Meet Sammy- The Snowman

Is it too early to talk about Christmas and snowmen? My cold fingers and the electric blanket on my bed say no. My heart says yeah, it’s too early. I know crafts take time to make though, so if I want to talk about it, it’ll be too late! SO before it’s too late to talk about it, my cold fingers are typing this for you to enjoy. (My fingers are cold because it is cold and we keep our house a bit chilly. Save money and wear a sweater!)

Recently I requested a review copy of the Annies special Christmas craft issue and they sent me one to review for you. I was not paid, but I did get the issue for free, and may make a small commission if you follow the links below. The issue is superb!!! It is really just stuffed full of so many crafts and a truly lovely variety and amount of each. It contains multiple sewing, quilting, crochet, and knitting projects. There is a full sized pattern section (My fav!!! I hate enlarging.) The photos are great, AND there is a variety of styles so something inside will match your decor or make a great gift for someone special. I hate when you buy a big special issue (or any magazine really) and all the projects are the same style. It bugs me. This special issue though, I really am very pleased with it.

My first project (there will be more) was this cute snowman. He’s supposed to be part of a duo but I hate making more than one of something so I stopped at just one. I changed the colors and let my son pick what colors I’d use. (I begged for a blue scarf but…) 

Cute right?!?! My hat came out a bit large, but when is a snowman a snappy dresser? They get whatever a kid shoves on their head right!?!? The pattern does NOT follow the regular rule of going down one or more hook sizes, but I followed it anyway. I’m not certain if I love the result. He is super cute, I’m just used to crocheted stuffed items being stiffer. He isn’t floppy by any means, he does stand alone, but the larger hook does make him less… I can’t even explain it. I’m probably just being picky. If he was stiff he’d be less cuddly, and he’s definitely sturdy enough for a decoration. 

I think the magazine rated him as intermediate, but I think a beginner could do it if you are willing to learn. He wasn’t hard by any means. 

I worked on him a few weeks ago while waiting for my son in an appointment. Last week a guy asked me how it came out because he had seen me working on it and he thought it was just the neatest thing. He said he loved how he just stood up like that. 

If you want to snag a copy of this great Christmas special you can get it here! You can get a print copy mailed to you or get it in e-book form to start right away! 

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