Make a Fun Chocolate Cottage for the Holidays!

Have fun and make this adorable chocolate house!

I’m going to go on the record and say that I pretty much eat my weight in gingerbread every December. It’s true. I have a family recipe that makes about 500 cookies (seriously, it uses almost 5 pounds of flour) and my family eats it day in and day out, constantly. Three cookies will constitute a breakfast or lunch. That said, I was over at The Chocolate Belles – cake decorating and candy making supplies website the other day, and saw a chocolate house mold and HAD to have it. I wrote them a quick note and they sent it right over. This chocolate cottage is just too cute.

Have fun and make this adorable chocolate house!

Sick of gingerbread? Or just LOVE Chocolate?? Make this fun chocolate house! And then eat it! -- My Workbasket

My son and I spent some time together making it up today. Isn’t it adorable?!?!??!?!

Now, it has some issues. Entirely user errors. I haven’t done chocolate molding in awhile and made a few out of practice mistakes. That said, besides the broken roof panel (which you can’t even see in this photo) this beauty is still quite impressive. I had a few places where my trellis chocolate didn’t stick properly. IF I was taking it to an event, and not just eating it after dinner, I could have fixed it. I knew it was getting cracked open today, and mostly wanted to have fun with making it. Otherwise, I could have easily made a new roof panel.

I’m VERY excited to make some more of these for the holidays! You’ll probably see more of them over the month, BUT it isn’t just good for Christmas. There isn’t actually any holiday decor or features, so you can just as easily make an Easter Bunny House, a Valentine’s House, or maybe a birthday house! I really want to do one now in pastel colors, and then have various candy come spilling out when it’s broken open.

Have some family fun and make a wonderful edible chocolate house with this great mold! -- My Workbasket

I know I’ll be making these again, BUT I wanted YOU to be able to make one too, so I wanted to share this with you in time for you to get the mold. My houses can only get better from here! I have so many ideas for next time!

You can order the mold here, but be sure to order two, each mold makes half a house, so two molds make completion much easier.
Chocolate House Mold – $2.99

from: The Chocolate Belles

They also offer a mold kit which makes it all much easier. You get two molds, some squeeze bottles (makes it so easy to get great details) some fun accents, and a tray to build it on. The kit is $19.95

If you’ve never done molded chocolate before it’s pretty easy! You can buy molding chocolate from The Chocolate Belles, or various crafts stores and such. The Merckens brands from the Belles does taste better than the other brand you see often.  You can also melt down chocolate chips, though I admit that was the cause of some of my structural problems. You then just put the melted chocolate where you want it in your mold. The squeeze bottles help you do small areas or details (like the trellis.) After your chocolate is poured in you’ll want to gently but firmly, tap the mold straight up and down to knock out any air bubbles. Then put it in the freezer until hardened. Then gently pop your pieces out and you’re good to go! If you’re doing an item like the house you’ll just use some melted chocolate to assemble your pieces.

If you’re not at all interested in the chocolate, but think the house is adorable (it is) you can use your mold for other things besides chocolate! Plaster of Paris, melt and pour soap (there’s a FUN idea!) will both work and other air-dry materials may work as well.

I love chocolate molds like these because they are very inexpensive, and don’t take up much space. I can pull this out for any holiday (or just for fun) for YEARS and make another cottage.

I hope you take the time to snag this wonderful mold and have some fun with it this holiday season! Have you ever tried molding chocolate before? I’d love to hear about it.

*Disclosure- I did receive this mold for free from the Chocolate Belles so that I could use it and tell you about it. It was at my request because I did want to make this house. I also am an affiliate for them and will receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you follow my links in this post.


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