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I’m not sure if I mentioned over the summer what our school year would be like. In June we (my son and I) attended an open house for a new homeschool center. It was a dream come true, the same idea I have been wanting to build for years. I jumped on board the same day as a founder and facilitator. So in September, we opened for the school year and my son and I spend Monday and Tuesday with about 20+ kids and 3 other facilitators doing all kinds of fun stuff!

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Facility Fun-

The first week I took the stuff for soap carving and the kids had a ball. Some just enjoyed making the tools, some made tools and then just destroyed soap, and a very small few made carvings worthy of actually taking home. I had gotten a review copy of this book, and liked it a lot!  I took it in that day, plus a few older soap carving books I had as well. I’m hoping to sit down one day soon and try some of these carvings myself, but the kids took all the soap I had and I haven’t had a chance to buy more yet.

If you’re curious, I put all the destroyed soap in a ziploc, and on a rainy day I’m going to take it back in to add some water and make soap clay. Then they kids can mold and take home their soap clay creations for later use. 

The following week one of our older girls brought in needle felting supplies and it was the most popular activity yet! I think about half of the kids are in the Fiber/Felting Guild. Some even went out and bought their own kits and tools to do more at home. I asked on a group I’m in about places to buy affordable wool for these kids and got a ton of lovely donations. The facilities stash is now better than my own! Since we work on limited time there I left lots of wool there, and brought some home to dye and take back. Get it done faster so the kids can enjoy it. Here’s a batch in the crock-pot with some kool-aid dye. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Hopefully, it will when it’s done. 

Kool-aid dye in the crock pot

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the soap carvings or felted works. It’s hard to teach, lead, craft, and take photos. Especially when I’d rather encourage than pull out the camera. Next week I’m taking supplies to make wet felted pictures and I am definitely getting photos of those!

The facility we use is actually part of a horse farm, and the other day I caught this horse enjoying a snooze, mouth open!

Home Life-

Ever since we started this facility I come home Monday and Tuesday and am a lump on the couch until bed, as awake as that horse. On Wednesday-Friday my son picked a really tough and rigorous homeschool curriculum and we are at work from 9-3, with a few short breaks in between.

Between the facility and curriculum, I am constantly exhausted and using spare time to do chores. I have managed to get a few little crafts done. This Halloween Garland from a kit was the main completed project recently. It’s from a kit from 1999 put out by the House of White Birches. Honestly, I didn’t love a single component while I was making it. Then I liked the witch after she was assembled, then I loved the whole thing when it was done. It’s riddled with mistakes, just riddled.

Halloween Garland from a 1999 Plastic Canvas Kit

This week we decided we just couldn’t take any more, so now on Wednesday it’ll be relaxed. Sleep in, do chores, talk to you guys, etc. What have you been up to!?!?! 

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