Kismet Cat Bed

Free crochet pattern for the Kismet Cat Bed

Before we left for vacation I talked about the kitten we were going to get when we got back, but other things were in store for us. If you want to hear the whole story (it’s amazing, truly) keep reading. If you only want the crochet pattern scroll down.

Kismet the Cat:

Years ago, 15 to 16 at least, while still living at home, before getting married, there was a cat in the yard. A tiny kitten. We kept him, named him Stampy, and he lasted and lived. He was our first baby. Last year he died, as did his brother that we got for him later. We were greatly affected, me especially, and it took some time to even be ready for another cat. I kept saying I wanted one to find us, like Stampy did. Months passed, and no cat found us. Cats don’t often find you in the suburbs like they always did in the country, and eventually we found a kitten online. We were all set to get it, a small, female, white and black kitten. Then Fate intervened. Firstly, my son was supposed to go to my parents for two weeks by himself, that plan changed last minute because he decided he didn’t want to stay, so we went together and stayed a week. IF he had stayed by himself this entire story never would have happened. (Fate tally-1) My Aunt is very sick, and while we were there some other family members came to visit, so we all had a get together, and stayed out way later than we ever would have. If my son had gone alone, he and my Mom probably wouldn’t have gone. So here we are on a trip that shouldn’t have happened, on a road at 10 pm, which we would never usually stay out that late. (Fate-2)

Suddenly on the lane opposite us there was a deer. Just frozen in the lane, almost right on the line, with her head just staring in the opposite direction. (Seriously, never seen one just so frozen and staring opposite an oncoming car before.) My Mom was driving and slowed down immensely. As we approached the deer, she turned and looked straight at us. You probably could have counter her eyelashes, that is how close she was. My niece says “That was COOL! It was so close!” I replied “It was close, but it was not cool!”  If she had bolted it would have been a disaster. My mom slowly sped up, but not too much, because there were obviously deer about.  We were going so slow that we saw two kittens on the side of the road in the grass. If we were going faster they would have looked like they could be anything, but at this speed they were obviously kittens. (Fate-3) My mom kept driving, (blows my mind too) but I spoke up, and my son and niece joined in. We straight guilt-tripped her. “How could you leave two tiny babies on the side of the road!?!” She turned around, and then around again to get us on the right side of the road for the kittens, and there, laying in the shallow ditch, was a baby, an tiny orange furry baby. I got out of the car and picked him up. He did not hiss, spat, or anything. I looked around for kitten number 2.

My husband had been very firm that we could only have one kitten, but I was not about to rescue one and leave a second kitten on the side of the road. Holding one kitten firmly and glancing around there was no other kitten. I did see a cat head, possibly Momma cat, but by the time a flashlight was found that cat vanished. (Fate-4) My niece, son, and I stood searching awhile for any side of more cats or kittens. We could not find one. We scanned the field over and over with a flashlight, nothing. Here was the one kitten we would be allowed. I have no idea what we would do if there had been more kittens. For the record, every single time we drove past there again we slowed down, scanned the field and never saw the first sign of another cat.

I gave the kitten a good once over, got my Mom to give it a quick once over, and handed him to my son. My son and niece coddled that baby. I asked my Mom for confirmation that this was magic, and I wasn’t just being sentimental. And then we drove off into the night, cat in car. My niece gladly exclaiming “God put this baby there for us!”

That was a late night. By the time I got both kids and that cat to sleep it was 1:30 in the morning. First my son went to sleep, then I went to check and my niece was playing with the cat and said he was crying, so I took the cat. He’s a snuggler, here he was, within hours of being found, laying on my shoulder and sleeping. So I took him to lay with my son. That woke my son up. Got my son and the cat to sleep, my niece took awhile.

The next day we took the cat to my parent’s shop to keep an eye on him, take care of him, and try to figure out a name for him. The kids took name suggestions from everyone who walked in the door that day, and my son picked his favorite at the end of the day. The name was Kismet. There were a lot of good suggestions, but I said that no suggestion quite showed the amount of fate, destiny, or God involved the way Kismet did.

Kismet had a cold, plenty of fleas, but otherwise seems as healthy as a horse. We took him to the vet while still on vacation, got him flea sprayed, and got some medicines for the cold. Then we brought him home, to love him forever.

The Kismet Cat Bed pattern:

Before we left for vacation I was writing a blog post about the kitten that was supposed to be, and realized I wanted a new bed for her. I wasn’t ready for a new baby in my old man’s bed, and so I designed and made a quick and easy crochet cat bed. The whole time I was thinking about finding a kitten (Fate-5 perhaps) and I was going to name it the “Wow a Cat! Bed” picturing it as something you make after suddenly finding yourself with a cat. The entire project takes only a few hours, so you could find a cat and have it a nice bed in no time at all.


4 skeins of Bulky weight yarn-You will hold these together as one strand while you work. I used 4 skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA, two in teal and two in cream. You could also use worsted weight and hold four strands together

Size 17 Hook- It’s a big hook! If you don’t have a jumbo size like this then you can still make the pattern, it will just take more rounds to get a good size, and you won’t be able to hold the yarn double.


Chain 6 and join in ring

SC 8 in ring

You will work in rounds, and just keep going and going around and around, so you your method of choice or marking the beginning of the round. Or just wing it, whatever. If you’re off by one or two it won’t matter. It is only a cat bed. It could be shaped like anything, it’s a cat, so they probably won’t use it anyway.

2 SC in each stitch around

2 SC in one stitch, SC in next stitch around

2 SC in next stitch, SC in next 2 stitches around

Continue each round adding 1 stitch before doing 2 SC in next. So the next round 2 SC in one stitch, then 3 sc. Continue until the size is what you desire. We tend to end up with large cats, so I made it large, with 9 stitches between each increase. Mine is about 13″ across.

Now, Stitching in the front loop only sc around with no increase.

Now SC in each stitch (both loops) until the walls are as tall as you like, or you run out of yarn.

The walls can be folded up, down, in, or out to create different looks and shapes, since cats can be finicky. If you have the time and don’t need an almost instant bed you also can fold the walls down and sew it so that it is doubled on the sides. You could also sew it and stuff it to create a plush edge.

So if you find yourself driving along at 10 pm and discover a cat, you can at least be ready to make him a bed. Since it works up quick it would also be a lovely service project to donate to an animal shelter.

For those curious, no we didn’t also get the original kitten, the one kitten rule stands. We are sure though that the owner will find a home for it.

3 thoughts on “Kismet Cat Bed

  1. You neglected to mention the other deer at the side of the road when y’all finally convinced me to turn around.
    In my defense I knew how our next couple days would be taking a kitten home in the middle of the night. The kids up half the night and cranky the next day.

    1. Ahhh, a few days of grumpy kids vs hopefully years of kitten/cat snuggling. I’ll take that trade. I was so excited and into guilt-tripping you that I forgot about the other deer!

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