Kids Crochet

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Every year my son and I volunteer at a local booksale and acquire some new items. Usually books obviously, the occasional game, and this year, he got this!

AND, he didn’t say “Mom, can you make these for me?” What he did say was “Mom! Can you teach me to crochet so I can make these?!?!” Of course I said yes.

I’ve tried for many years to get him to learn a craft, mostly because I think it’s useful, but also to try and help some of his anxiety.

So far it is slow going. I taught him to chain and this has been created.

He did much a few days ago and hasn’t touched it since. BUT I’m not giving up hope. He has this tendency to try something, figure it out a little, then think on it awhile and come back and do it with ease.  He’ll quite likely sit back down suddenly and make a chain 3 feet long. We shall see. He does really want to make that Chewbacca.

I don’t know if he knows I heard him, but he did sit there and very quietly, under his breath, say “Crochet is kind of awesome!”

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