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Four finished crochet projects on My Workbasket
Craft Projects

June Projects- Four Finished Crochet Projects

I haven’t been sharing a lot of crafty stuff, but I have been doing some! I’m working on a new crochet scarf pattern that I’m excited about. I also got some new yarn for Mother’s Day (two large Caron Cakes) and made a poncho from it. Remeber when I said that I like to make small things and things to prepare for winter? ( I said it in my 10 Perfect Summer Crochet Projects post.)  The only problem was that the scarf and the poncho were both big, so the crocheting combined with the shoulder movement of turning it around to work on took a toll on my shoulder. I get bad shoulder pains from crochet/knitting. I know some exercises to help (I want to do a video and share them with you one day) but the problem is I never remember to do the exercises unless it’s hurting. So instead of being proactive, I’m reactive and it takes time to mend up. So  I had to put aside my poncho and scarf and work on smaller stuff. 

Four finished crochet projects on My Workbasket

First, I did the tiny pig from my Summer Projects post, because it is SO cute! You can find the pattern at Amy’s Crochet Cave, and you can see my piggy on Ravelry.  The piggy is absolutely beginner friendly, so go forth and make piggies!

My Crochet Mini Pig- My WorkbasketOops! My Mini pig got out in the garden! Hope he doesn't eat all my plants!

The mini pig made me very in the mood for more fun little critters, so I kept going. First I made a rather mischievous baby troll. You can find the pattern on Amigurumi To Go or check out my finished troll on Ravelry.  This troll is a bit fiddly and instead of written directions, some places have videos. I consider this guy as a more intermediate project. He’s much more fiddly.  The pattern will warn you, and it’s true, these little trolls are trouble! Sometimes I have to send him outside just so we can get space to clean up after him inside! When a neighbor child saw him he says “How did you make this?!!?” I said “Well, he’s crocheted.” He responds “I don’t know what that is, but this is awesome!”

Baby troll- to mischievous to be outside, so we sent him to the garden.

Then I kept going and made an older troll. Hopefully, he can help keep the baby under control. His name is Harold Hynaman. Unfortunately, he worries too much. Are his feet too big? Is his nose to wrinkled?  Is that scary cloud going to come after him? We’re trying to help him work through it. When we help him go outside he doesn’t like the bushes, he says he’s afraid there is a snake. In the Mulch he’s more comfortable as long as he looks down at doesn’t see any scary clouds.

Harold is a bit of a tricky project. Lots of pieces. I’d consider him intermediate, BUT the troll is fun and all of them are unique, so what’s the worst that can happen, you make an ugly troll?? If you do make your own Bobble Troll, take my advice and don’t stuff the head firmly. Usually, you stuff firmly, and it didn’t say not to, so I did, but then it doesn’t allow you the ability to shape the face very easily. Harold is also from Amigurumi To Go, and he’s on my Ravelry profile too.

Harold is my rather anxious bobble troll. We're trying to help him with his fears. Even though Harold suffers from anxiety we try to help him by getting him to spend time outside. He's usually just worried there is a snake in the bushes.

Then, after giving my should a break I kept going on my poncho! It’s called the Montana Poncho and it has this genius design element of an arm slot! It was a very beginner friendly project. I made a few changes. First I cut the neck down to a smaller neck. It has a bit to much neck for my taste in the original. I also didn’t do contrast rows. Once I was sure my stitch count was good and there were no more size needed increases I just made it up as I went because I wasn’t sure if I would have enough yard to follow the pattern exactly. I think mine is much shorter than the original. So mine is almost nothing like the original. I do like the total look, I’m a little worried that it seems oddly bulky to me. I’m not sure why that happened. I feel like it folds over on itself. Maybe I just don’t fill it out well. I have kind of wide shoulders but am not busty, so a lot of clothes that fit my top are flappy in the boob region. You can get the original pattern here, or see more of mine on Ravelry. I tried to turn the poncho so you can see the arm slot but it still doesn’t really show.

My finished poncho. Made from my Mother's Day yarn and with quite a few changes.

And so, there you have it. My projects from June. I’m hoping to still finish my scarf design too. Unfortunately, I wanted to work on it today while waiting for my son at baseball camp, but when I went to grab it the hook had fallen out and I couldn’t find it. I didn’t have time to really scrounge around, but hopefully, I can find it today and get back to work.

I’d love to see what you’re working on or have recently finished. You can tell me about it in the comments, or even send me pictures to my email.


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