Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Cover art for the October 1966 Workbasket magazine- My Workbasket
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It’s October, 1966- Let’s put on our Mini Skirts and Watch Batman

Ronald Reagan was voted in as Governor of California. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” was number 1 earlier this year. Cigarette packages got warning labels. There were lots of Vietnam War protests. The Miranda Rights came into being. The US Department of Transportation was created. Ladies were rocking the Mini-Skirt, which took several years to become such a popular trend (the designer Mary Quant started making skirts shorter and shorter in the late 50s.) Adam West appeared as what some people will still claim is the best Batman of all time. Star Trek also debuted this year. My Dad’s personal favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas aired on TV for the first time. If someone they loved got The Workbasket (25 cents per issue or $1.50 to subscribe in the US) some unfortunate child may have been wearing this sweater while watching the Grinch for the first time.

Balloon Sweater for kids from 1966 -- My Workbasket

It’s not a TERRIBLE sweater per say, and for the 2-year-old size, I can even see it as kind of cute. BUT please do not ever make this today in the six-year-old size. I see this much more as a baby sweater than on an actual walking and talking child. Kid fashion has certainly changed over the years!

Cover art for the October 1966 Workbasket magazine- My Workbasket

The main cover of the magazine features this wonderful granny square blanket! I ADORE granny squares. They are the reason I learned to crochet. I love these colors too and think this could actually be pretty modern. The only reason I am not making it is time and yarn cost. A full blanket takes a LOT of yarn! I tend to buy granny square blankets from thrift stores. I save time, money, AND someone else’s work gets a loving home.

Some other things in this issue that caught my eyes were:

1966 Ad for Pack-O-Fun Magazine-- My Workbasket

We all know that I LOVE Pack O Fun! Some in my collection are even from this year!Only $7000 could put you into this furnished home in 1966! My Workbasket

Less than $7000 could get you set up in this furnished mobile home!

You still see these today! Drawing ad from 1966-- My Workbasket

These ads! You still see them today! I can just imagine the number of teens and adults drawing this lumberjack over the years. 1966 ad for "Dressing Wigs" -- My Workbasket

Dressing Wigs. I’m not going to lie, it took me a second to figure out how and why you’d put a dress on a wig. Only $1 for this full set from a 1966 ad! --My Workbasket

Full Skating Party Set for $1! I’d love to see a color photo of these and what they really look like! If I saw an ad like this today I’d probably be all over it.

Old Man Winter is downright terrifying looking with those roses. -- My Workbasket

This old man Winter actually looks pretty terrifying eyeballing that rose bush!

So that’s the issue this month! I’ll be doing a few projects from it and several of my own designs this month as well as some modern patterns from other designers. I’d love to hear from you! Any personal stories or memories from 1966? Or family stories if you weren’t around yet? What do you think of these ads?


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