It’s November 1964!

The magazine issue of the month, November 1964. I'll be making some projects and trying some recipes. Plus posting funny ads! My Workbasket

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I noticed this issue has no sign of an address label! Perhaps it was picked up at a newsstand for 15 cents. If you drove to the newsstand you may have paid 30 cents a gallon for gas. I have to say I’m very glad that magazines and gas have NOT followed a similar ratio over the years! Imagine how much our gas would be right now! Pretty much every year has important events, 1964 was no different. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Beatlemania was sweeping the nation, and those boys from Liverpool had people singing about holding hands. People were listening to a LOT of great artists this year! The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, and a personal favorite Bob Dylan. They needed that music to take their mind off the Vietnam war which was really ramping up this year. The Boston Strangler was also arrested. One year ago this month Kennedy was assassinated, and recently the reports were coming out of what happened.  Martin Luther King Junior won the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

As always people found ways to be festive and have fun even when things were down.  The World’s Fair was in New York this year. The Olympics also took place. My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins were both released this year. Perhaps before the movie, you stopped to get some buffalo wings.  If you were more of the stay at home type (I am) you may have been starting this afghan from the cover.

The magazine issue of the month, November 1964. I'll be making some projects and trying some recipes. Plus posting funny ads! My Workbasket

I’m not quite sure yet which projects I’ll make from this issue. I did already make one of these. You’ll have to wait and see which. I do love the afghan on the cover, BUT really can’t take on another afghan from now. The blue rectangles are “Junior TV Slippers” a very easy and basic pattern good for little feet. A few fun projects from the November 1964 issue. My Workbasket

Some of the ads this month! There were so many good ones!  Only $18.95 for your own pet monkey! Don’t tell my son, he’d probably try to build a time machine. Another accordion ad, a Compresso girdle, and an amazing coffee dispenser. Let’s be honest, instant coffee is terrible, BUT  how amazing would this dispenser be for grounds or even beans. I know there are two schools of thoughts on Tootsie Rolls, the lovers and the haters. I, my friends, am a lover. If you came to me selling Tootsie Rolls I would buy (well, assuming I have any cash, which I never do.) The Free booklet about plastic crafts is one I am pretty sure I have, in a recent stash of old magazines I got. My Favorite ads from the November 1964 issue --My Workbasket

So there you go, a very late, but hopefully wonderful new issue debut. I’m currently doing Country Time again, and already got a massive stash of cool vintage stuff to show! Hopefully, I’ll be doing that soon.  If you’re following the CAL the new video will be out tomorrow!


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