It’s May 1980!

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1980 had quite a few big things happen. The Iraq-Iran war started.

Ronald Reagan will be elected later this year.  Mt Saint Helens erupted just recentlyand erupted again this month,

killing 57 people. A personal favorite- the Post It hit the market! John Lennon was killed this year in December. The USA won it’s first ever gold in Olympic Ice Hockey! A southern heatwave for the upcoming summer killed over 1000 people! The wonderful classic Pac-Man was showing up in arcades. One phrase was HUGE, big enough that I wasn’t even born yet and still I’ve heard it countless times, “Who shot JR?!” And in personal stuff, my parents met for the first time last month!

The May 1980 issue really shows that people are getting busier, more women are working, and times are changing. Quick mixes, hurry Spring, things are going faster! This is easily one of the thinner issues in my collection. Only 8 real projects, and then notes, articles, and recipes.  Here are two patterns that I don’t intend to tackle. I’ve mentioned many times that tatting just is not my strong suit, and I’m not up the to challenge of that trim. In fact I still have a project on the shuttle that is from March! The tot vest is cute, but I just don’t have anyone that age to offer it to, and don’t have the time to just a project just for kicks.  I’d rather spend my time on projects I may actually finish and share with you.

Like this shawl which is featured and I already have going on the needles! I’m using a more modern Bernat Mosaic yarn with a rainbow color-way. I’m about 1/4 of the way done already and will be posting the finished item and the pattern later this month. If you’re following me on Instagram you’ve seen this project already, but now you officially know what it is instead of just a pile of bright yarn.

There were two interesting ads this month. First the Walda doll. A generic doll so prolific that doll collectors gave it a name. You will so often see these posted for sale as antiques, or collectible, and really they are about a dime a dozen. If you thrift shop or yard sale I KNOW you’ve seen one. Interestingly enough, the ad for this doll here with her information is in fact overpriced! It shows the same exact ad at nearly half the cost.

Also, honest truth, when we bought out house the old owners left a lot of items inside. This exact item was downstairs in the workshop area! I used it for a few years while I studio was down there as a paintbrush and craft caddy. It may still be in our basement somewhere. I”d clean it up and bring it upstairs, but it’s pretty icky, if it’s even still down there at all. (Secret confession- our basement is a disaster! God only knows what you would find down there!)

So there you have it! This month I’ll be working on the shawl and another project from the issue. I hope to make a gluten free version of the “Quick Mix” and try it out. I have several, SO many, so so many, projects from previous months I hope to finish up. A lovely reader also sent me the Bun Bunk I wanted so badly! So that Fad Of the Month Kit will be popping up! There is a review to look forward to, AND I’m working on my first subscriber exclusive! So be sure to subscribe if you’re not already!

As always, I love all my readers and would love to hear from you! Please comment below or email me. Were you alive in 1980? Any big moments for you that year?




  1. My husband and I were married in 1980 and remember well all the highlights you have mentioned. We lived in Texas then and were big fans of Southfork Ranch and JR! The traffic around the ranch was horrible, as tourists made that a destination to visit. Thank you for the memories. I am enjoying your blog posts and am following you on IG also.

    1. Author

      That’s wonderful Sharon! Thanks for following me! It’s hilarious to me how people visit places based solely on TV. I bet several of them left disappointed that it wasn’t like Hollywood made them think. I was watching an old show recently, can’t remember which one, and the girl turn down a date because she really wanted to stay home and see who shot JR! lol

  2. Errmmmmm – I was graduated from high school in 1980. And you weren’t even born. Now I feel very old!

    1. Author

      I have stated that I was born in the wrong decade, so don’t feel bad. I’m just an old lady in training! lol

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