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It’s June, 1952

If you picked up this issue on the News Stand (I assume it was sold there) you may also have just bought hamburger meat at 53 cents a pound, and dropped off your $80 rent check. There is a pretty good chance your family owned a car (3 out of 5 did,) as well as a telephone (2 out of 3) or even a television! (1 out of 3) It is sad to say though that on that TV you may have watched news of the Korean War, or Nelson Mandella’s arrest, or about the polio epidemic. There was some good news this year though.

A personal favorite of mine, Mr Potato Head hit the market this year! Little know fact, for over 10 years I collected Mr Potato Head, and still do get more oddball ones when they come out! I even have one from the 50s or 60s packed away!

The world was preparing for the summer Olympics in Finland, and the winter Olympics were gearing up in Norway. (The four year span we now follow was voted on and announced in 1986.) The Today show debuted! Huge news and excitement occurred when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned! The first issue of MAD Magazine (another personal favorite) came out, AND you may have bought it on your way to check out that new franchise restaurant, KFC, or on your way to see Singin’ in the Rain. So there was quite a bit of turmoil, but hopefully everyone got some laughs and fun from those items too.

There are only a few projects this month that interest me, but I’m planning on making these:

I’m going to tell you the truth- I frickin LOVE a sunbonnet! I was really excited when I saw that! I already have the pan holder done, and it should be revealed next week. The crochet medallion is in progress using that silky gray yarn that I’ve shown off, and will hopefully be a scarf. It isn’t quite coming out as nice, loose, and lacy as I hoped, so I may change it to something else. It is a beautiful little medallion though, I wish I had used an even finer weight!

There is also this VERY easy tatting pattern. Easy enough that even I should be able to manage it!  I’m hoping to at least attempt it and makes enough for a bookmark or something.

In the money making column there was this gem! I think this is a lovely idea, but sadly wax is no longer considered safe. Maybe if you did it and then included a note that it need be refrigerated. I just think it is a truly a lovely idea. Especially to be in a reusable and worthwhile container. Now I want a gravy boat full of zesty homemade mustard. Or a pitcher of strawberry jam! Ohhh, what about a small pitcher or creamer of a beautiful lemon curd!?!?!?

And in the “What the Heck?!?!” category:

I’m not even going to lie, I’d love to try this. I looked it up on ebay and did find one, but it was a bit expensive for a quick laugh. If I manage to find a cheap one I WILL be reviewing this device!

And as always, I know I say this constantly, but I really would LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a note below in the comments, or send me an email on the contact page. Do you have any personal memories, or important family history for 1952? Do you collect this magazine and intend to make any of these? Or, perhaps most importantly, do you also love a sun bonnet?


3 thoughts on “It’s June, 1952

  1. That jelly idea is awesome! I think you could totally get around it by refrigerating it. Unusual jars and containers would be really neat, especially filled with a homemade goodie like that!

  2. Excellent article as usual, but having been born in 52, I have all the issues from that year. That started my addiction to the WB magazines. I love the jelly idea too and was wondering if bees wax would be considered safe. Worth looking into. On a side note, Being addicted to vintage potholders, I do hope you make hexagon potholder. I’ve often wanted to make it, but life and lack of time get in the way.

    Keep on posting. I may not comment, but I never miss a post. 🙂

    1. I did make the spoke pan holder. You may have seen it already because the post went up this morning. I think the same motif would make an excellent afghan. Thanks for reading, even if you’re not always commenting!

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