Recent batch from the dyed pot. Handdyed wool that looks just like clown hair.
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It’s Clown Hair!

Really, what else can you even call that??? The best part is that it didn’t get dyed in that stripe pattern, that happened as I rinsed it. It was dyed in clusters of color. I’ve had my dye pot going constantly for the last few weeks. I pretty much start a batch in the evening, turn it off to cool in the morning, then rinse and dump in the evening and refill it. I have about 15 pounds of my own stash to dye, PLUS the homeschool center got some amazing donations. Since we have limited time at the center I’m trying to dye some at home to give them more to work with. I’m going to be teaching them dyeing as well. 

After this clown hair, I did a pink/purple batch, which anyone who know me can confirm is FAR outside of my color family.  Apparently that is the last of it until I get to the store because my son just used all of my vinegar with a friend making “bag bombs” outside. (Don’t worry, it’s just baking soda and vinegar in a ziploc.) No more dyeing until I go buy more vinegar. 

Wanna see what I need to dye? Well, I have a variety to be honest, BUT one of the most recent acquisitions is this:

Super drool-worthy right!??!!? Most of it is still drying and it came in a grab bag so I’m not sure exactly how much of it I have. 

Other than dyeing constantly I’ve had my fingers busy with a few things. I’m a bit sick of knitting and crochet at the moment, so I’ve been trying to venture out a bit. Unfortunately, I already do almost every craft so there isn’t really anything new to try.  Anything I don’t do is cost prohibitive. I ordered a special hook recently to do some “Cro-tatting” but came to discover it is almost identical to needle tatting, which I already know and do on occasion. I’ll still try it of course, but that did kill some of the excitement. 

Plastic Canvas?

I’ve actually been cranking out some plastic canvas projects. Truth be told I don’t love plastic canvas, BUT it’s yarn, which I have and love. Plus, it’s cheap and quick. I have a few projects waiting to be glued together, and I’ll show them to you once I do the glueing. 

I’m kind of excited to try and boost plastic canvas a bit. It always seems so 90s to me. I’d love to kind of reinvigorate it. I decided to track down some 10 count and 5 count plastic canvas. I was about to order online today when I remember I had just gotten a reward coupon for AC Moore. I knew they sold plastic canvas, so I decided to check there first. The did have 10 count, only in white, but no 5. I also grabbed a sheet of brown I needed for a gift project. 

Craft Store Trip

While I was there, ALONE, I decided to simply wander. For one because I was ALONE! (My son, I love him, but he’s my shadow, which is great most of the time but….) Secondly, I was ALONE! Thirdly it was the craft store. Who can go to the craft store and NOT wander??? Since I work with the kids for crafts too between this site, the kids, and my borderline hoarder personality, I’m always ready for a deal.

Total side note, but that store was awful. I hate to say it AC Moore, but I think I’m mostly done with you. I’m sorry, after all these years (I even used to work there and taught classes there,) we may need to break up.

While I was there I DID grab a few things for the kids, but I also grabbed these:

Have you ever tried the Zenbroidery? Truth be told it’s pretty much what I ALWAYS do when I embroider (I hate following a pattern) but it’s nice to have someone else draw it out for once. At least I assume it’s nice, I haven’t started it yet. 

The two monkeys are for my son. He’s been a monkey lover for years and as he grows out of stuffed animals I love finding things for him that are monkeys but not stuffed. It’s harder than you’d think. I’m not sure if I’ll have him try these, or if I’ll just admit he never will and do them myself. 

So anyway, that’s my craft life in a nutshell. I’ll keep updating of course. In the meantime, I’m coming up with some fun crafts, patterns, and projects to discuss here. I’d LOVE to know what you’d like to see! I’m thinking of smaller stuff mostly. Coasters, gifts, maybe a whole series of fridge magnets? Let me know what you want to see. 

2 thoughts on “It’s Clown Hair!

  1. I almost picked up those sock money cross stitch when I was in last week. They’re so cute! And I love a short attention span craft!

    1. Me too! Short attention span is my specialty! 🙂 If you see any other cheap monkey ones grab them for me and I’ll pay you back.

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