Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Two Rows down, many many left to do.
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I’m doing Latch Hook!

I was a crafty child, I’ve mentioned that before. I remember doing some things successfully and some things poorly, and I remember a LOT of giving up and unfinished projects. A LOT. One project/craft I remember trying and quitting was latch hook. The idea of a handmade rug for my room was of course to tempting to ignore, and I feel fairly certain there was one with cats on it which ended up in my hands. I do not have a latch hook cat rug. I remember it being SO fiddly and giving up. I also remember giving up on more than one knit scarf, and I have since made lots of those, so I’ve been tempted for a while to give latch hook another try. BUT I decided I better set some ground rules. NO brand new kits, no matter how cute. The kit must be purchased at a deal from a thrift store/yard sale/in an eBay lot (I only buy craft stuff there usually in large lots) so it isn’t a waste of money if I quit AND unsealed.  After my recent mushroom needlepoint fiasco (I can’t remember if I talked about it, but I got about 75% done, maybe more, with an old kit and discovered it has one piece two few of the one orange color.)

A late 1970s latch hook kit found at the thrift store

Well, recently I found a kit, mint condition, still sealed in the original plastic, at a thrift store for $3. Turns out my kit is from the late 70s. 79 I think. One thing I found interesting is that the design is a general stained glass image, but the back of the box shows only Disney designs. Turns out there is a funny reason for that. The main image on the box is a sheet of paper glued to the box, and the box itself is actually for a Disney “Minnie on Ice” rug.  The deception!

Back of the Box from a 1970s latch hook kit, featuring Disney designsThe Deception! The label on this latch hook kit box is plastered over this Minnie on Ice Box!

So I sat on this kit for just a few days, and then one day (yesterday) I couldn’t decide which craft to work on. I have so many ideas in my head for you. So I created these Work Sticks. Pull one out, and BAM project of the week. Well, look what happened to be pulled:

Can't decide what to do? Or need help planning and tracking your ideas? Make a set of work sticks! Pluck one out and the decision is made!-- My Workbasket

So I opted to tear open the plastic and get started!

Tore open the original plastic and getting started on latch hook! -- My Workbasket

I got right to work while my son did his math. It is actually working up pretty fast. The box shows a basic way of doing the yarn that seems SO much better than I remember doing it. I think as a kid I was not doing the correct method, and it WAS very fiddly. The correct way is pretty swift and works right up. In fact, while my son did his math I got two whole rows done!

Two Rows down, many many left to do. Let's try this Latch Hook!


After some more work last night I have a decent corner and am getting into more color! I do have my concerns about the yarn included, but fingers crossed! I feel like the kit includes far to much green and light blue. The kit contains 2 bundles of light blue, 5 of green, and 8 of all the other colors combined together. The colorful bundle I was working from is already very low on blue. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually finish this one!! Have you ever done latch hook? I know people have made large full sized rugs and it blows my mind!

I've got a decent corner! Latch Hook in progress!

I also want to say that I really liked the idea and graphic behind the last post. I’ve decided to do a weekly post again, similar to the old Workbasket Wednesday, but this one will talk about crafts, and chatter and ideas about life, AND also mention a fun coffee I’ve tried lately. I drink a LOT of coffee, you guys.  If I had to say my three personal food groups they would be dairy, potatoes, and coffee. What would yours be??

2 thoughts on “I’m doing Latch Hook!

  1. I started a latch-hooked rug when I was little. Only I didn’t like any of the patterns, so I bought some of the backing and some yarns in colors I liked. Didn’t finish it. I think I might still have the hook somewhere, though!

    1. I have SO many hooks. I feel like there is one in every mixed lot I buy. I found 3 in just a few minutes to use with this kit. So far I am liking this kit a lot more than I expected!!

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