I’m Doing December Daily!

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I’ve decided to do a December Daily scrapbook/journal this year! I’ve posted a video about it and some of why I’m doing it, and what I’m doing to prep. If you don’t want to watch a video though, I’ll just tell you!


1. Because times change, and this year will be greatly different than next year, just like this year is different than last year (but not quite as different as next year will be.)

2. Because I have LONG wanted to do a really good journal, and have for months been thinking of starting one with pocket pages, but I am absolutely terrible with habits. So I’m hoping that doing this daily will build the habit so that I just keep going with it.

What I’ve done Already to Prepare:

I’m prepping during the month of November by gathering supplies, making special embellishments and journal cards, and getting some ideas. (The photo at the top is my gatherings so far for embellishments) In the video, I also show the items I purchased, including journal cards, the actual album I’ll be using this year, and a fun pack of little embellishments I’ve had my eye on. As you see in the video thumbnail, I also had already gathered a few basic items, including the painted ornament pieces in the still thumbnail image. I painted those with gouache and used a paint pen to add details. There are also some handpainted evergreen trees. Already I have found a few Christmas-themed stickers, some cut-outs from a magazine, and maybe a few other things. To keep my items organized I’m using a half-sized notebook with journal cards and items in page protectors, and I also have a plastic school-style pencil case full of wibbly bits.

How I’m Preparing MORE:

I’ve been watching tons of Youtube videos from various artists and their previous years of December Daily. Sort of piecing together what I like, dislike, and what stories I want to tell.

Another thing I am doing is Ali Edwards Prep Day! This is coming up in just two days and is a 10-hour prep session with the lady herself and others. I know I won’t be able to do the whole event in one sitting, but replays are available and it’s only $5! If it’s before November 6th and you’d like to join in too, you can HERE. I don’t know if you’ll be able to sign up after class day or not.

How I’m Gathering More:

If anyone else is doing December Daily I am running a themed swap on Swap-Bot! You stuff a 6×9 envelope with good supplies for December Daily and send them off to your partner. As I write this there are a few days left to sign up and join the swap! Swap-Bot is a great site for all sorts of swaps and they have a pretty good system in place for minimizing flakers and sad results. I did it years and years ago with great joy, then left because life got complicated and busy, and then wanted to go back but couldn’t remember the name. Recently it reentered my life and I’m back to swapping away.

Besides the items that I already purchased and gathered, and will continue to gather, I MAY also do a Scrap run with a focus on Christmas, letters, and numbers. I am loving gathering items from my stash but do have a general shortness of letters and numbers in all forms and formats. We’ll also see if I stick with the December Daily and journaling in general, but I do really love the idea of a seasonal theme. Buying a new binder and set of supplies on a specific theme or color pattern each season, gathering additional (or all) items from my stash, and having sort of a themed box makes the whole idea of regular journaling seem easier and more achievable.

What I purchased:

I did buy some items brand new for this project (not my usual Scrap run and thrifted over the years) And the list of those items is linked in the video description, but also here:

The following are all affiliate links for products shown or mentioned in this video and that I will be using (or am planning to utilize) in this project.

It’s not scrapbook related, but the Usborne Books and More “The Unhurry Book” appears in this video. Only because I’m messy and didn’t fully clean my table off before recording. I am an independent rep for UBAM and you can find the book here (I will make a commission off of this sale) The fact that it shows was unintentional, but since it did I might as well tell you where to get it.

Thanks for reading!! I’d love to hear from you in the comments about if YOU are doing December Daily or not. Have you ever? Do you want to?

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