Guys, just relax and have fun, you only get one life and time with your kids if brief.
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If I’m not Type-A, Is There a Type-B?? aka Just Relax

I know the “Type A” idea, I’m not it, I don’t entirely understand it, but I know it. If you’re not Type A, are you Type B? Is the opposite Type Z??

Featured Photo is by Daniel Spase on Unsplash

One thing I’m hoping to do with this website is to rub off a little of my extreme Type B/Z onto other people, especially parents. I want people to relax. In 2 years, 10 years, 20 years, will you say “We always had a lot of fun, because our house was spotless and I had a detailed schedule?” Probably not. Days with our babies are slim you guys. SO slim. In 2 years, 10 years, 20 years, I bet you that you would be more likely to say “We had a lot of fun because we did fun stuff.” “I am glad I relaxed sometimes and we did stuff together.”

Here’s an example look back at your own childhood. Do you remember your chore chart? Your 8th-grade school schedule? Your meticulously planned family vacation that went perfectly?


Do you remember the time your family was on vacation and it started to rain? The time you were driving down the highway and your station wagon broke down, and your family slept in the back of it and while you waited for the mechanic to fix it you went to a restaurant that amazed you with a spinning pie rack? (Too specific, maybe just me on that one??)

Do you remember your mom mopping the floor or her playing with you? (Take this a step further, did your Mom keep a spotless house and you constantly stress yourself to do the same? Why?)

I really want to encourage people to stop worrying about the mess, relax, and make some slime. Stop worrying about the schedule and maybe tomorrow relax and go swimming. Occasionally put down the calorie counter relax and go get a sundae with your loved ones. If nothing else put on some music and have a dance party!

I was never a type-a person. Admittedly my biggest flaw is probably putting aside chores and necessities a thousand times too many. I am relaxed to a fault. If I can manage to help people live in the moment just a little bit more, then it is worth it to me. If I can help people create a single family memory because I got them to relax and take time together. Relax and make an item that becomes a family heirloom. Even just encourage someone to relax and all that comes from it is a better stress level.

When I share tips about chores or easy dinners, then you know they work because I am not naturally good at managing life. It’s my way of trying to be more type-a while giving you ways to have time to be type-b.

(Also, ADHD at work, Type-B is a thing. (So is Type-D, but I don’t want to encourage that.) After typing “type-b” I had to google it and see what the opposite of type-A is. You can read some here. )

My son is nicknamed “The Master of Disaster.” He is especially skilled at damage and destruction, not intentionally, it truly is like a superpower for him. He has made messes you can’t even imagine. You know what though, I barely remember the cleanups, and most of them take SO little time. The memories made are worth so much more than the 5 minutes with a cleaning cloth, and that’s saying something because I HATE to clean.

So tomorrow, you guys, just have some fun! Take time to relax. I promise you, your life will not fall apart.

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