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Beautiful, colorful, large roving braids from Needleclicks Etc
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Homespun Yarn Party 2018

Last weekend it was a quilt show and this weekend a fiber festival! I’m very lucky to live in a place where stuff like this happens fairly frequently. The best part of this festival, well besides the festival itself, was the location! About 30 minutes or so away (blasted traffic! sometimes it’s 30, sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s twice as long) is this historic mill. It has been restored and is now the coolest shopping destination I’ve ever seen! I love this place, and dream of one day having a shop/studio there. Here is the link to the Mill if you want to read and see more. The Homespun Yarn Party was in the Great Room, which is a large meeting area, and had a deck off of it. Here are the views from the deck:

Unrestored building at Savage Mill- The View from the Great Room deck-- My Workbasket

This is an unrestored building, with the train tracks. I’m not sure what this building would have been originally. The restored buildings include the carding room, the cotton shed, the spinning room, and a few others. The interior of the building and shops has updates like elevators but also has beautiful old hardwood floors and other old accents.





Of course, mills tended to be placed by rivers, and this one is no different.

The View from the Great Room deck at Savage Mill, the river! -- My Workbasket

So, want to see the good stuff?!?!? The fiber!!!

There were several vendors and they all featured a lot of lovely, colorful, stuff. Yarns and rovings were the most common sale item, but there were others. One vendor sold beautiful Raku Fired Buttons, Sweater Magnets, and Shawl Pins. I’ve seen her before at the Sheep and Wool festival and want one of her shawl pins, but am waiting for the perfect one, the one I just adore and can’t live without. That one wasn’t there this time, but I’ll check her out again! You can find her online on Facebook. She will be a variety of shows this year, in MD, VA, PA, NC, and OH.

Lovely display of raku fired buttons from Dimensions!-- My WorkbasketA beautiful display of buttons and shawl pins and magnets from Dimensions, raku fired items!-- My Workbasket









Here are a few of the colorful yarns, fibers, and similar items:

Colorful Display of yarns from Dancing Leaf Farm-- My Workbasket

Dancing Leaf Farm

Colorful yarn from Marigold Jen-- My Workbasket

Marigold Jen








Beautiful, colorful yarn from Folktale Fibers-- My Workbasket

Yarnbow is made by Folktale Fibers, their plied yarns were amazing as well!

Amazing sock blanks from Fibernymph Dye Works-- My Workbasket

These amazing sock-blanks were dyed by Fibernymph Dye Works





Colorful Battlings from Hobbledehoy FIbers-- My Workbasket Hobbledehoy Fibers had some great color, and most of the items had wonderful geek inspired names. Some other items included Smeagol, The Dark Towers, and Deep Space.






Want to see what I actually bought!?!?!?!? I hope so because I’m going to show you!

Eyeball spindle and ball of batting from Three Ravens-- My Workbasket

This eyeball spindle and little bat of roving are from Three Ravens.

Already spun up my little ball of fluff! My WorkbasketI just really loved her style and wanted to buy SOMETHING, and I really liked this little bundle of fluff. This little bat was less than an ounce, and I already spun it up! I think it will be a neat woven bracelet! I haven’t decided if I will ply it or not. Decisions, decisions.

Beautiful display of the round loom from Wild Hare Fiber Studio-- My Workbasket

Before the event, literally the morning of, I laid in bed and looked at the vendors online. Scoping out what I might want. I knew I HAD to get this round loom from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. I’m hoping to help cull the stash by working up a stack of hats. You can actually make a beret on this and have it almost done when removing from the loom! You can also weave any round item you want, so hot pads, etc, AND by just crocheting or knitting up you can make baskets, bags, other styles of hats, etc. I wanted the wooden one, because it is so pretty and natural, but I was afraid a peg would get broken off.  (Not because of the quality, but because I am a mess and my son is the Master of Disaster)So I opted to get the white acrylic one. Not as pretty, but hopefully I won’t break it.

My acrylic round loom from Wild Hare Fiber-- My Workbasket


Originally I had the rule, no roving, no yarn. I already have so much! I clearly broke that rule. Before the little fluff shown above I actually had already REALLY broken the rule and gotten two giant fluffs from Needle Clicks Etc. Her big specialty is stitch markers made from her drawings. I didn’t buy those because I’ve gone through some massive stitch marker making phases and have a small drawer full. Seriously. I bought these two beautiful

Beautiful, colorful, large roving braids from Needleclicks Etc

large roving braids from her though.

That’s it for the show, BUT I did more stuff a the Mill too. I’ll show off that stuff tomorrow!


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