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For several months I have been toying with the idea of blogging about homeschooling. I’ve gone back and forth about doing it at all and also if I did do it if it should be here or on its own site. Well, finally I decided to do it, and then after setting up a free site, I opted to do it here instead. It is part of what I have in my personal workbasket, plus to be frank I don’t want to upkeep two different sites. I’m lazy and hate technology. (hahaha but true)

SO if you are here for crafts only, and don’t care about homeschooling-

Don’t Worry! I got you. If you go directly to my URL you can choose to read about homeschooling, crafts, or both plus more! I’m also going to work on setting up where if you subscribe to emails you can just get one or the other (or both) You can also look at the top of the page, and see free patterns, crafts, or homeschool. Click what you like and that is all you will see.

IF You ARE interested in homeschooling, read on!

There are three main reasons I have been considering writing more about homeschooling. They are:

  1. The fact that it is a massive part of my life and I have 6 years left of it. Everyone who knows me knows I craft and knows I homeschool. They are the two main parts of who I am. Quite often when I am not writing about crafts it is because I am busy with homeschool. So to write about both means I’ll always have something to write about.
  2. Most homeschool bloggers tend to be religious. I am not. Secular homeschooling needs more google results.
  3. If you try to find homeschooling blogs with older kids you will not find many results! So many homeschool blogs are homeschooling elementary grades (or even pre-k) and there really needs to be more blogs about older kids. My kid is 12. I don’t need to teach reading and letters.

I’m hoping to keep a pretty good balance of the two subjects, and I do still have tons of free patterns and stuff either done and ready to share or in the design stage. I also have crafts to chat about, and always will. PLUS I’ll have more crafts to talk about because I can talk about the handicrafts we’re doing for homeschool! So hopefully this all blends together well and I’m not making a terrible mistake.

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