Having Fun with Mason Jar Science!

We're trying out a new science book that just hit the market and having fun making slime!!

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Recently I was contacted by Storey Publishing to ask if I would like to review their new book, Mason Jar Science. I love messy, fun science experiments, and I have racks of mason jars, so I said yes. They sent me a review copy and we got to work checking it out recently and are loving it! Of course, my son overlooked all the experiments except the slime. It HAD to be the slime that we did first. Other experiments I noticed and were excited about included making alum geodes, terrariums, cloud in a jar, play clay, and several more. If you have kids you know it HAD to be the slime.


Mason Jar Science by

Mason Jar Science is full of wonderful eye catching pictures and fun hands-on science experiments! I highly recommend it!! -- My Workbasket

We spent some time with this new science book and had tons of fun! I highly recommend it!

The book has two different slime recipes, and of course the day we decided to work with the book I didn’t have the right ingredients for either. It was also the end of a pay period and about 3 days until I had more spending money. So we experimented even more. The recipe calls for Liquid Starch but notes that laundry detergents also have the magic ingredient, I didn’t have liquid starch. Since I make my own laundry detergent I didn’t really have that either. Then I remembered somewhere I had gotten some sample packs of Gain. I kept them in case I ever had some emergency and needed them (Gain happens to be pretty much the only store bought one I’m not allergic to.) So we tried the recipe using these samples. It started to work! Then it turned into a hilarious disaster really fast.

We got started and it started out okay. We had fun stirring and shaking the jar. (Also notice the “What’s Going On” segment?! It’s in every experiment and explains WHY it works. I love that they included it!)Having fun shaking our slime jar while we test out the book Mason Jar Science-- My Workbasket

Notice anything odd in this shaking photo? Anything odd about our slime?? It started to foam and suds from the detergent!!! Our Funny slime fail!

I ended up trying to rinse it with water to get the suds out, and it ruined the batch. The slime that existed just disintegrated. I ended up running hot water down the pipes for quite awhile to make sure we didn’t end up with slime in our plumbing. We chocked it up to a failed experiment and I added the correct ingredients to our grocery list.

(Note- I suspect now that if I had just left it to sit in the jar, it would have worked out. Now I kind of want to try it again and see.)

We got the correct ingredients, started again another day and it worked out SO well!!! This new recipe is our favorite now. We always did the traditional borax method before and now this will be our go-to instead.

Interesting side note- right now our local Wal-Mart has generic bottles on glue for a quarter, so I stocked up. I’m sure with back to school season they will have a LOT of glue sales. Usually, when glue is a quarter I buy 12 bottles. The 4 oz bottle is exactly what most slime recipes call for. Pour in a bottle of glue, fill the bottle with water and shake it up and you now have the glue and water most recipes use, plus the bottle is rinsed out and ready to recycle. Every penny helps when the kids want 50 million containers of slime.

We're ready to make slime!

You guys, this makes the perfect slime! My son made blue. It starts out a bit, okay really, stringy. Then we shook the jar and it got better. Then a neighbor came and invited us to go swimming so we put the lid on the jar and abandoned it for a few hours. Came home to the most amazing slime. SO amazing that I wanted my own and made a mini portion of green for myself. Turns out it doesn’t take hours of abandonment, it just takes about 10 minutes. Notice the perfect stretch of my green slime? This recipe = amazing.

Our blue slime in progress and our green slime all done and perfect!

Now that we’ve made slime from the book I’m convincing my son to try more of the experiments. When asks how much he recommends it he says “A LOT!!!” I think this book will be entertaining us many times this summer and even for many more years to come. We both love it and highly recommend it.

One feature I like is that the experiments are fairly self-contained in various sized mason jars, so if you worry about the mess it makes things a bit easier for you. All the experiments I saw flipping through were very affordable.

The book is hardback and can be purchased for about  $15 at Amazon, Walmart, Or Barnes & Noble.

I’d love to hear- Does your family do a lot of science experiments?? Are your kids also obsessed with slime? Let me know in the comments below!


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