Great Summer Books for Boys

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  1. bn100 says:

    cat in the hat

  2. Leslie says:

    I’m glad your son is reading (that’s me, the librarian, speaking). But I have to say I have despised the Wimpy Kid books ever since I read a sneeringly condescending remark by the author about classic books. Considering how vulgar and crude his books are, in my opinion, he has a heck of a lot of nerve insulting marvelously well-written books just because he personally, or maybe he and his own family, don’t like them. There are a lot of children who actually enjoy older books, when they’re introduced to them. I’ve read aloud older books like Gone-Away Lake and Knight’s Castle and Five Children and It and the children have loved them, and checked them out afterward to re-read.

    Alicia, you would have loved the estate sale I went to today. The woman must have done just about every craft in the world; there were frames, and canvases, and books about doing all kinds of art, stencils, beads, sequins, fabric (much of which I bought, what can I say, I’m a fabric fondler), paint, sewing stuff, embroidery things, woodworking stuff… It was amazing. Not to mention that she was an Avon lady in the early ’70’s and had a whole bunch of those darling decorative bottles still in boxes. Old Christmas ornaments. About a gazillion Snowbabies (which i don’t like; I call them little frozen corpses), lots of Department 56… The prices were higher than on a normal yard sale, and in some cases I think the things were overpriced, but I got some neat things for not all that much. Spent more than I intended, and I’ve just e-mailed them to find out whether prices will be lowered tomorrow; I might go back and pick up a few more things.

    • AliciaS says:

      That is terrible for him to take such a stance against the classics! Any chance it was out of context? I like to think he was saying “Some kids love the classics and they’re great, but not all kinds are going too. Some kids will simply hate them, think they’re garbage, and need alternatives.”
      We definitely read the classics too. Even though my son is 11 I still read to him at bedtime and that’s when we tend to do the more classic books. Right now we’re reading “Henry Reed, Inc” for the 3rd time this year! We’ve read Homer Price about 6 times total, and about 3 times this year. “42 pounds of edible fungus in the wilderness growing, saved the settlers from starvation aided the founding of the nation”

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