Goals, Time Management, and Surprising Kids

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  1. Leslie says:

    Okay, this is weird, I’m beginning to think we must be closely related or something.

    “I suppose maybe I get overwhelmed very quickly, and when I get overwhelmed I shut down. Anyone else like that? “Well, I don’t don’t where to start, so let’s just sit on the couch and relax until I figure it out. ” ”

    Oh, you bet! Only in my case it’s “I’ll read something.” I read a lot. I mean, a *lot*. Last time I counted, several years ago, I had over 10,000 books.

    “The problem is that I can’t manage to get myself to do the actual work. I will daydream about the massive farm I’ll buy when I get where I want in life, I’ll shop around for places to sell my work, but I won’t actually get to the business of doing the work. ”

    Sigh. I have bins and bins of things that I’ve bought or saved, waiting for me to make all these cool things. Have I made any cool things? No, because I’m reading or doing other things. (I can’t throw away a nice sturdy little box, or even the inner rolls of, say packing tape, the ones that are made out of that strong, heavy cardboard. Or ribbons that decorate boxes of candy or other things. Or little artificial flowers. And every time I find some pretty paper on sale, or tiny clothespins, or doilies, or interesting yarn, or . Or… or… or… I want to use them to make pretty little gift boxes, or pomanders, Christmas ornaments, or all kinds of things, and one of these days I will. Really. Truly!

    And as for fabric – I have a closet full. I could slipcover Idaho.

    • AliciaS says:

      Maybe we are related, and a set of crafty, educated sloths are our parents!! Slipcover Idaho, LOL!!! I am trying really hard to crack down on my behavior. How will I ever build a craft empire is I can’t get off my couch!!?!?!

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