Kid Approved Gingerbread Pancakes

Gingerbread Pancakes from a Vintage Recipe

One feature in many Workbasket issues with “With The Cooks,” which has a variety of recipes on a similar theme. This February 1967 issue the theme was pancakes! I know to some people pancakes are a weekend food, but not to us. We’re as likely to have pancakes on a random Tuesday as on a special Saturday, so I knew I’d try a few of these recipes. First up was gingerbread!

I LOVE gingerbread, my son LOVES gingerbread, and he had a friend sleepover who apparently also LOVES gingerbread. My husband had already eaten, he did not get gingerbread.

The recipe called for a cup of “Pancake Mix” which is a large bulk recipe farther down the page, since I hadn’t made that yet I just wung it. Winged it? I’m never sure how to say that. I used the following:

1 scant cup of flour

2 t sugar

pinch of salt

pinch of baking soda

1T oatmeal

1/2 t baking powder

and because I’m gluten free 1/2 t of xanthun gum. For the flour I just used my custom mix that.

Then I added the recipe items, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and also clove, because I always put that in my gingerbread too. The original recipe calls for 1/8 t of each, but I always just wing that as well, just shaking some in until it looks right, but trying to keep it close to the original. I’m usually pretty good as visual measuring.

Stir, then add an egg, 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup molasses (I used black strap) and 1 T of oil or melted shortening.

Pour onto the hot griddle:

Now, let me give you an important tip- If you happen to have random stashes of vintage Pyrex, like I do, some bowls have a handle that is also a spout! Never even noticed until fairly recently, but boy does it work well! AND no annoying drips like many spouts have.

Whenever we make pancakes I always make a few tiny ones for out pet rats. Nothing is cuter than a tiny, curly haired rat holding and eating a pancake! Completely by accident one came out heart shaped, though I promise I don’t have a favorite pet.

As someone who believes in putting your heart into things you do, I love when things are just naturally heart shaped True story, I once bought a bag of potatoes and two potatoes were shaped like a heart, some I gave one to my husband and one to my son, as a present! Goofy yes, but how often do you get a Heart Potato?

These pancakes cooked up so well and came out beautiful! The batter is a bit thin, so it pours easily, but puffs up well when cooking. Getting the perfect round shape and a not to thick, not to thin, cake. Here’s a nice photo of just a few of them, waiting for me to yell “Pancakes!!!!!” and have to boys come running.

Afterward there was an empty plate, two full boys, zero pancakes left for me, and two thumbs up! Five out of five both boys raved! And despite the empty plates it did make a decent amount of pancakes, but apparently you need to double, or triple if you’re cooking for more than two 10 year old boys.

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  1. Those look really tasty and I’m going to have to try those tomorrow! What a tasty way to get some extra iron from the molasses.

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