Get out your Legwarmers- It’s July 1983!

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I’ve been writing this blog for several months now and this is the first time I picked a specific issue instead of using a random method. Why? It’s my birthday! I was born in July 1983, and knew I wanted to do that issue this month.

Here’s some fun facts:

After I was born, and named Alicia, in July, Hurricane Alicia struck Texas in August! I wonder if my parent’s were regretting their name choice. It was the first hurricane to make landfall in the US in three years and caused billions in damage. Also that year unemployment reached the highest number since 1941, Ethiopia had a massive death toll, a US embassy was bombed, the US invaded Granada, and an earthquake hit New York City. Sounds like a pretty crummy year! But as always there was good stuff too, and not just that I was born! (haha)

Believe it or not Motorola introduced the first cell phone! Margaret Thatcher won in a landslide vote in the UK general elections. The show Fraggle Rock debuted. The internet was created, and Microsoft Word debuted! Wow! I am as old as the internet!!

Kids were playing Atari, hugging glow worms, spinning a Speak and Say, and going crazy over Cabbage Patch Kids. People were watching the final episode of MASH, Star Wars VI, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Flashdance. They were singing about Every Breath You Take, Billy Jean, and singing along with Duran Duran, Culture Club, and David Bowie.

Quite a year! So get out your crop top, legwarmers and stonewashed jeans; put in your side pony; apply your blue eye shadow and beauty mole! Let’s see what the issue has!


It’s Christmas in July! A fun coincidence since I picked the issue for my birthday! I was already planning to have a fun festive month of giveaways and this just sealed the deal! That’s right, giveaways! I have several giveaways planned for the month, in addition to all the fun crafty goodness.

The crafts this month are mostly Christmas and winter related. I’ll also be doing some canning, which I LOVE and the magazine has a large feature on.  If you wanted a Walda Doll when she was in a previous issue and you haven’t gotten one yet she’s cheaper now! That cracked me up. I have no intention of doing the afghan on the cover. It is done is a solid cream and then the cats are added later. That much cream colored crochet would bore me to tears. I’ve already done several of these crafts and will be sharing the results. I attempted the pink scarf but I just did NOT like the stitch pattern. I didn’t like doing it, I didn’t like the way it looked, I just did not like it, so I frogged it and started over with something else. (Frogged= rip it rip it, if you’ve never heard that term before.) I really want to make the Cupie wardrobe but am having trouble tracking down an affordable 6″ Cupie. I have a few other dolls that may work, or I may track one down on ebay, or I may skip it. I haven’t decided yet. I remember finding them for a quarter a piece all the time, and now that I need one I can’t find a cheap one.

I have the For Love or Money loom and will be making a place mat set with it. I just need to buy some screws because my set is missing. I also need to track down the loom in my craft room, but that will hopefully be easy enough.

The Sundae idea is super cute and goes so well with the idea I loved last month.If only paraffin was still safe to can with.

This issue is so thick and packed with ideas and crafts, I’m really only sharing a few of them here. This should be a fun, jam packed month! I’d love to hear if you have any important stories from 1983. Or which crafts this month are your favorite.

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