Geometric Flowers- FREE Cross Stitch Pattern

FREE Geometric Flowers Cross Stitch pattern

I designed this free cross stitch pattern some time ago with the intention of having it in the first magazine issue. Ever since I admitted to myself I didn’t have time for the magazine I’ve really been just reformulating, making things for the sheer joy of it, deciding where to go from here and where this site fits in my life, and this project kind of sat in limbo. No more! It’s ready!

I actually did the cross stitch samples way back in like February, but this this welcome sign sat waiting until a about a week ago for me to paint the frame and put it together. Partly because I’m a slacker and partly because I loaned my husband my paint set and it disappeared for far longer than I expected. SO if you’re just here for that, I’ll get to business:

FREE Geometric Flowers Cross Stitch pattern

Here’s the finished sample of PART of the pattern. The pattern is actually a series of these flowers and some ideas for how to jazz them up different ways. The total size on basic aida cloth is small as is. I actually made two single flowers separately to turn into earrings, but my jewelry stuff is packed away so they’re not assembled yet. This little welcome is about a 3″ or 4″ frame. If you want a larger design work over a larger size for stitching. If you’re a newbie and have no idea what I’m saying shoot me an email and I’ll try to explain better. The pattern itself is very beginner friendly, perfect for a newbie or for teaching your favorite kiddo. Or maybe teaching some random kid who you don’t even know well enough to know if you like them or not but they asked if you can teach them. You know, whatever. Just have fun with it. I’d love to see what you make!

This little frame is actually one I picked up in a two pack a while back at a thrift store. Paid a quarter for the two pack in mint condition and knew I’d find a use for them. It took less time than I expected. They were unfinished so I painted one and put this little goody in. I like cross stitch, but I LOVE cross-stitch when a pattern works up fast. So I designed this whole set of FREE cross stitch mini quickies that all work together. Perfect size for little gifts, cards, magnets, or even earrings.

GET Your Copy HERE

PLEASE Do share my website and send people to this post but please do NOT share this file. If you have friends or groups that would like this pattern please don’t give out printed copies or direct links to the file itself.

Wondering what else I have been up to? Here’s some:

A lot of thread crochet. I also finished a mammoth blanket, which I still need to type of the pattern for. One of these little doilies is actually a single motif that I liked so much I’m starting a whole mat of them. It’ll be green. Not sure the finished size, I tend to work until I feel like quitting and then just calling it. All of these are from old magazines and books. Several of them are from a 1941 crochet book I got.

Mostly I have been doing a lot of this! It’s baseball season and I am a proud baseball mom. Just tonight my son tried out for the All Star team!!! I was so proud of him just for trying. I don’t know how the kids do it because I was so nervous I had a few moments that I felt butterflies in MY stomach for them!

Baseball as the sun goes down.

Summer break starts soon and I’m hoping to spend a large amount of time yarn in hand and poolside! I designed a beach bag pattern I need to give you soon too! I also got a fancy t-shirt press and hope to do some funny craft related t-shirts and tote bags to put for sale.

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3 thoughts on “Geometric Flowers- FREE Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. The cross-stitched ornament is adorable. Hmmmm, wonder if my eyes can handle it. Haven’t crossed-stitched in years.

    1. It does work up quite small! I want to do more but enlarge it by working over two squares (four technically I guess.) It would also be cute as a plastic canvas project, which is a bit easier on the eyes! Let me know if you try it, send me pictures!

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