Fun Magazine Flip-Through Videos

Several weeks ago on my Facebook page, I shared that Interweave had a magazine subscription sale. (It’s over now, but certain magazines were $15 a year.) I thought it would be fun if I took the three I subscribed to (Spin Off, Piecework, and Cloth Paper Scissors) and did a magazine flip through video. Just a page by page glance at what was in the issue, what stuck out to me, what peaked my interest, or even what was just fun to look at. Here are the three videos for each one. 

Usually, when I do a video it is uploaded to my YouTube channel and can be there for even a week or more before the blog post to match it, so if you want to be the first to see new stuff be sure to subscribe to my channel! if you want to know about these good deals when I find them, be sure to like my Facebook page! I also share fun free patterns from around the web. 

Cloth Paper Scissors- Mixed Media Art

This Cloth Paper Scissors video got cut off abruptly at the end, ran out of storage space, but I was just giving my closing anyway and saying again that it was the Fall 2018 issue. 

Piecework- Traditional Needlework

The Fall 2018 for Piecework issue impressed me. As I say in the video I had subscribed before and was a bit disappointed, so I was glad to see it back on track!

Spin Off- Spinning, Dyeing, and Fiber Prep

I’ve already gotten the Fall 2018 Spin Off issue, so a video magazine flip through of that will be coming soon. 

I also have some free crochet patterns almost ready to share, a paper craft I’ve been making ready for a basic tutorial, AND I’ve been doing a LOT of fiber processing; washing, carding, and dyeing wool! So stay tuned for lots more! I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on in the comments below!

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