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Spring Flowers Painting- Homeschool Art from My Workbasket
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Fun Little Art Project- Spring Flowers Painting

Sometimes it’s really fun to just be creative. No worries about the finished product, no expensive supplies. Just MAKE. I’m lucky because I get to do this constantly with my son during art since we homeschool. If you don’t have kids, do it anyway! I found this super cute spring flowers painting on Pinterest and then followed the link over to Elements of the Art Room and then put it immediately on our schedule.

I do get my son decent art supplies, usually the best we can reasonably afford, but quite often they are still a step down from the better stuff. Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my Son, sigh, he doesn’t like art. SO, I try to work with good enough materials to set him up for success, but not so good that I mind when he botches it or just ends up throwing it out. Usually, the parent is tossing art in the trash while the kid isn’t looking, but we’re the opposite. He has some perfectionist tendencies, so nothing is good enough. Also, none of this paragraph really has anything to do with today’s post, so, moving on:


I should have used better paper. (ahhhhhh, that’s where that tangent came from, I was explaining why we didn’t use great paper!) The finished products came out well though. My son won’t let me photograph his to share. I’ll gladly share mine though!

Spring Flowers Painting- Homeschool Art from My Workbasket

Here’s the thing about arts and crafts- They won’t all be winners, so have fun with it! This painting is on school grade art paper, with kids liquid watercolors, but I enjoyed it! I had fun! The finished result is not too shabby!! I could totally remake this one day with artists grade materials, and maybe I will, or maybe I won’t, BUT I was crafty. I had fun. I put brush to paper and I made something!  At the end of the day isn’t that what matters?

It was also a super fun and relaxing project and I totally recommend it!

4 thoughts on “Fun Little Art Project- Spring Flowers Painting

  1. I think that adults should do more fingerpainting. Do you remember, when you were in elementary school (if they were still doing it by your time!), you’d have that big sheet of glossy paper, and they would glop some chunks of paint on it, and you’d wet your hands and smear the paint around the paper and then draw on it with your fingers so that what you drew was white against the paint background; and you could wipe it away and start all over again?

    I can still smell the paint, and still feel it on my hands!

    1. I LOVED finger painting. To this day I am a very messy artist lol. When my son was little I tried to finger paint with him but sadly, the paints just aren’t as good as I remember. We tried some different brands and even made some at home.

      You know what else is impossible to find now? AND I do mean impossible, no one makes it anymore, PASTE! Now kids use those stupid, wasteful glue sticks. I used to make paste for my son and had purchased some jars somewhere with a small brush. Not the same as the ol paste stick, but it worked as best as it could. I will never understand why they did away with paste.

  2. I don’t remember the old paste stick, but I remember the jars of paste with the stiff brush. It wasn’t as fancy as the Elephant glue (which was like Elmer’s glue, but it was round instead of flattened and instead of a twist top it had a little cover for the tip of the bottle) but most of us had the paste.

    Also – the school art projects tended to use powder paint – the teacher would mix powder with water to make the paint. Arista is the stuff I remember:

    I have this adorable little sampler set of three tubes of it; they’re about 2 1/2 inches tall and are in a little box.

    Another thing I have is a school supply catalog from the 1920’s. Fun fun fun to look at!

    I’ll have to go buy some finger paints but I’ll smell them before I buy them! Oh, there’s a project I want to do – paste paper. They used to make it centuries ago for bookbinding.



  3. I have paint powder! They do still sell it but it seems to be a less popular option. I keep forgetting to use it. I need to mix it up for a project soon!

    I remember paste having a small spreader, like a flat little butter knife, just slightly serrated, but I could be wrong. That 1920s catalog would be fun to look at! I got a reprint of an old Sears catalog (1900 I think) and we’re having fun with it.

    I think we’ve made some paste papers before, yearrrrrssss ago. I’ll have to put that on our agenda again too.

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