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A fun simple craft with a full tutorial! From My Workbasket
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Fun and Easy 3D Paper Flower Craft

Do you ever feel like it’s hard to craft because you don’t have enough stuff?? It’s SO easy nowadays! Last weekend I went to the craft store and bought a few things. One fun item needed a box-opening video and couldn’t be experimented with yet. I kept feeling like I couldn’t make anything with my new stuff until everything was open, and maybe even until I bought MORE stuff to go with it. Yarn crafts can be that way, “I don’t want to use this yarn until I have that yarn to match!” To me though papercrafts are really bad for this. You feel like you just can’t get started unless you own half the papercraft section of the store. “I can’t use this paper until I have THAT stamp.” So I became determined to make something using only a very basic set of supplies. I made up a fun and easy 3D paper flower craft using only a fistful of supplies. These supplies to be precise:

All the basic supplies needed for the 3D Paper Flower Craft!-- My Workbasket

Seriously, that’s it.

One sheet each of pink, green, gold, and two shades of blue cardstock, one marker, glue, and a pair of scissors.

This is what I came up with!

A fun simple craft with a full tutorial! From My Workbasket

Want to make one too? I hope so, because I’m going to show you how!

Start with your basic stack of supplies. I used gold paper, but you can use any fun paper. Glittered, patterned, maybe even embossed! You can trim it to fit your frame before getting started.

The frame? It’s easy! Mine is from the dollar store. You can usually grab them cheap at thrift stores too. Even better, you don’t need the glass!

You can use different colors of paper for your pieces. Use what you like or what you have. Red flowers would look great too!

For a marker, I used a comically large permanent marker. I have it because I simply can’t be trusted at the dollar store. Seriously! I was like “Check out this marker!!!!” and then bought it for no reason at all besides its size. You could use a normal size marker, a brush marker, a zig pen, a crayon, even oil pastels!

I used a Zig liquid glue pen. You could use a glue stick, glue tape, even liquid glue. Remember the whole point is to use what you have without feeling like you need more.

First, you’ll cut your pieces. Little tidbit- odd numbers are more appealing to the eye. My sample has 5 each of flowers and leaves. You can use more or less, but try to keep an odd number.

Cut leaves and flowers-- My Workbasket

For flowers cut organic natural circles. They don’t need to be perfect circles. They even look better if they are not! Just make sure they don’t have any sharp points, and that they are general roundish.

Cutting leaves-- My Workbasket

Just freehand a few basic leaves as well. Keep it simple, and have fun!

I just freehand cut a vase, but you can use a stencil. The easiest way to make a stencil is to fold a piece of paper in half, then cut your vase on the fold. Open it and you’ll have a perfect vase. Freehand is fun though! You can use a different shape of vase too. This would be a cute time for patterned paper if you have it. I added a small strip of contrasting paper, and then trimmed the excess.

Vase for the 3D Flower Craft-- My Workbasket

Now, just use your marker and outline all your shapes!

All the parts for the 3D Paper Flower Craft!! From My Workbasket

Now we shape! The shaping is easy! You’re still going to use the same tools you have, and your hands!

First, the flowers, hold the flower flat in your hand and then cup it around your marker or glue pen. Make sure it all folds and there are no weird flat sides. The center should be mostly flat.

Shaping our Flowers-- My Workbasket

Then the leaves. Just roll them gently around your marker or glue. Don’t make them to curly, just a subtle curl is all you want.

Shaping the leaves-- from My Workbasket

And last, but possibly most important, our vase! For the vase, just lay it in your hand, and then curl your hand. You don’t want creases or fold, so just gently shape it.

Shaping our Vase-- My Workbasket

Here you can see everything shaped and ready for assembly! Notice how all my flowers are shaped differently, just natural. Don’t force it!

All the pieces shaped and ready for assembly. -- My Workbasket

Take a minute to arrange your flowers. Make sure they won’t be smooshed at the edge when you frame it. Decide now if you want more flowers or leaves. And then you’re ready for assembly! After you decide here is where to put glue on each piece:

Gluing leaves-- My Workbasket Where to put glue on the vase- My Workbasket Gluing the flowers-- My Workbasket

Notice how they all pop up. This fun simply craft uses only basic materials and has a full tutorial! From My Workbasket

Here it is, all glued down! Notice on that side view how the pieces pop up?? Super fun right??! Put it in a frame with no glass and it’s ready for display!

A fun, simple project that you can make with basic supplies! Includes full tutorial! From My Workbasket

Here you can see two versions. The one from this tutorial is out of the frame. The other has less flower and leaves, but they are slightly larger. Instead of a marker, I used an oil pastel and then blended it a bit on the vase.

Easy and fun paper craft from My Workbasket, with a full tutorial!

If you’d like to see this project with more photos and a voiceover tutorial, I made a video! You can find it here on my YouTube Channel!

I’d love to see yours if you make one. As always if you have any questions ask!!

How to make this fun and easy 3D Paper Flower art! From My Workbasket





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