Wednesday, January 27, 2021
I got a fun goody box and decided to recorded a box opening video to share the excitement!-- My Workbasket
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Fiskars Box Opening– I got a Goody Box!!

Hey guys! So last week I contacted a great rep at Fiskars and asked if they would be interested in sending me some sample items to share with my followers, and they said yes! The package arrived today I decided to do a box opening to share the excitement.

These items were sent to me free, however, I was not paid in any way, not to like them, or even forced to talk about them. All excitement is truly my own (and I am very excited!) Fiskars has always made a great product and I am delighted to show off some of their stuff.

Want to see what I got??

I’m sorry about the bright light on the side. My best window faces due west, so it gets a LOT of sunlight. In the afternoon like this, we often think lights and on and go around flipping switches, only to find out that it was in fact just the sun, again. Even though we closed the curtain quite a bit before I started filming it snuck in through the part that wasn’t shut.


You will absolutely be seeing these items pop up in photos, videos and more. Thanks so much to Blair from Fiskars!!! Isn’t that box maker simply divine!!!!! It will be lovely to make boxes to put homemade items inside of. It will definitely be getting its own video with a how-to and review. And those total control scissors, wow!!! I think the Amplify scissors will be fantastic for some of the wilder materials, it says they can even cut balsa wood! A friend of mine once ruined my sewing scissors cutting a lot of pleather to make a costume trench coat. I wish I had these then!!

I’m SURE that as a crafter you use or have used Fiskars products, which one do you love the most? Which of these products do you want a good video of?

2 thoughts on “Fiskars Box Opening– I got a Goody Box!!

  1. For using all the time, I go to my rotary cutter. I have tried some of the “stick” types but the Fiskars have great ergonomics in my opinion.

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