Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Chatter Issue Overview

It’s February, but there is no new issue…

If you’ve been a reader for awhile you may be waiting to hear about February’s issue, but there isn’t one. I’ve decided to make a change starting this month.

No More Monthly Issues!

I will no longer be picking a single issue every month to work through. That was the idea what I started the blog, but truth be told those posts get very little attention. In fact, the least read posts on the whole website at the monthly issue reveals. They were also taking up the most of my time. Truth be told, it was also making vintage magazines a bit less fun for me. Trying to make sure I did something from an issue, whether I felt led to or not, instead of because I wanted to make something. I also collect other old magazines and found it hard to work them in as well. So I decided to stop doing monthly issues.

What there will be instead:

More issues- More Often! Instead of single monthly issues, I’ll be working out of a variety of magazines and issues more often. I may make a hat from an August issue one week and afghan from December the next. I will be featuring more funky pictures and more funny ads more often. I also will be posting more original designs that I create!

I’m also hoping this change will give me time to so some other things I originally planned when starting this blog, things like designing embroidery patterns, and my own vintage inspired fabric line!

And so- Into February!!


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