Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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February Issue Voting! 

This month I’m trying something new, and getting the following months issue picked out early (in hopes of being able to be more prepared and share more fun stuff with you!) but before I start that I want to try something else new. You’re going to help me pick the issue!

Here’s what I did:

I walked to my collection of issues which takes three shelves, one each shelf I stuck in my hand and grabbed a random issue, then went up or down the months until I came to February. I did this on each shelf and came up with three February issues.

Here’s were you come in, based solely on the cover I want you to vote in the comments below which issue I should pick! Reasons why you picked it are highly encouraged. The issue with the most votes will be featured and done for the month of February.

After selecting them from the shelf I flipped through and I truly love each one, so no matter which issue wins it will be spectacular.

The issues are:



So vote by leaving a comment. Comments will be open until the 15th at which point an issue will be chosen. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

24 thoughts on “February Issue Voting! 

  1. I vote 1967 for the same reason, because it’s the oldest in the list. In the 1980s I was subscribing to Workbasket on my own. In 1967 I couldn’t read yet 🙂

  2. Jenny, I could read just fine in 1967.
    Happyhouseholder, is it possible to copy some of those patterns and upload for us? I like the simpler patterns best.

    1. I’m hoping to contact the copyright office and get details of what I can legally share. As soon as I do I intend to share as much as I can. The magazine came out for such a long span of time that I believe there may be different rules for different issues, I’m not really sure how that works. 🙂

      1. Last I heard, all of the copyrights were bought by some company. I don’t remember its name, but it wasn’t too long ago, so sadly, I am sure all the patterns are still under current copyright laws. If you can find out who purchased the copyrights, they may give you permission.

        1. That’s very helpful! One thing I wondered was if they were all protected by newer copyright, since the later issues extend into the current coverage. I wonder how to even track that name down. All I’ve ever found online is websites from fans, never anything official.

      2. I found this: I checked one magazine that I have and found no copyright notice.

        Under the section entitled Works Registered or First Published in the US
        Date of Publication Conditions Copyright Term
        Before 1923 None None. In the public domain due to copyright expiration
        1923 through 1977 Published without a copyright notice None. In the public domain due to failure to comply xxx with required formalities

        1. I’ll add this info to my digging and researching! Thanks! The gentleman at the copyright office said that the stuff after 1964 is protected, but that before that may not be, it depends on what legwork the magazine did at the time. So we shall see. I’m not giving up until I get all the details! 🙂

  3. Thanks for voting everyone! The 1967 issue won! Since 1975 got the second most votes I’ll do the March issue from that year. I’ll debut the February issue and it’s projects at the beginning of the month.

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