Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Issue Overview

February 1967

I’ve only been doing this blog a few months, but this is the first time that two months were randomly picked (and voted on) that were sequential! I do hope it’s a rare occurrence but I also think it’s kinda neat. Since I already talked last month about what kind of year 1967 was let me jump right into debuting this issue!

Last month I let members vote on which issue I would use from three randomly selected February issues. 1967 got the most votes and will be the issue I follow this month. (1975 had the second most votes and will be featured in March)

The cover is colorful and fun, but gives zero info about what to expect inside:

What can you expect inside? A LOT! This is easily the thickest issue I’ve done so far! Just look at this table of contents!

There no way I could make even half of these projects for you this month, but here is a few of my favorites.

I’m hoping to do a post about rug, and potentially purse, hooking. Including the use of a vintage tool from my recent ebay win. 

We all knew this day would come!! A jello mold will be used and a “Ripe Olive Empress Salad” WILL be made! Anyone want to help taste test?!?

This edging is already in the works, and the completed project will be showing up soon. 

I’m hoping to make this felt heart. It’s supposed to be for lipstick, but I may make more of a sewing kit.

I was SUPER excited for these slippers until I saw it called for an “inner sole” so I don’t know if I can make them or not. 

This will hopefully be made, though not in colors called for. I could be mistaken, but the colors seem to be Eastern Star colors, which I think would be super cute if you are in the Eastern Stars, but I am not. 
A new tatted edge to try.

There are some great ads I’m hoping to feature this month, and SO many recipes I hope to try. There will be a garden themed post because one of my houseplants is in desperate need of attention and is one of the featured varieties this issue.

One thought on “February 1967

  1. Jello molds! I seem to be collecting old Jello cookbooks, and the things that people used to put in Jello astound me. (Mayonaisse!?!? Tuna paste? Really?) I’m firmly of the opinion that meat shouldn’t be in Jello.
    If you’re on Facebook, check out a page called Kitsch Bitch. You’ll see lots of Jello-based recipes, although I don’t think anyone actually tests them. There’s a website out there that does, or did. I should find it again.

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