Faber-Castell Gelatos!!! Unboxing Video

Unboxing video for the Faber-Castell Gelatos set! From My Workbasket

I mentioned recently that I went to the craft store, and even that I had an unboxing to do. If you don’t follow me over on  Youtube you may have missed some of the fun! I do post a few videos on my channel there that I don’t share here. One was the recent Craft Store Haul, where I posted everything I bought! If you did miss it, you can go check it out (and subscribe to be notified of the Youtube videos I do) One of the things I bought, the item that needed an unboxing was the Faber-Castell Gelatos (are you surprised?!?! Did the post title give it away? hahaha)

The reason I like doing an unboxing on items like that is because I remember being a poor young crafter, and know many people are all ages who are poor crafters. Craft store items are constantly getting more expensive and it can be so hard to tell if something is worth your money. You never know if a kit or bundle is a deal or a gimmick. The Gelatos kit is $25-26 so it’s no chump change. Here’s what is included in the kit!


I think that especially with a coupon at the craft store it’s a good value for the money. Especially since some of the supplies included can be used in other ways. That dropper looks handy. The stamp is versatile. The mists instructions look amazing! Those color mists at the craft store get pricey!!

I’ve very excited to try them out and see all that they can do. In fact, I’m about to go play with them right now! We don’t have baseball today, I already have dinner in the Instant Pot, and the weather is beautiful so my son is outside. Perfect time to craft!!

Have you ever played with the Gelatos? Any tips?? I’ll post some tutorial videos after I have some experience with them!


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